The Real Truth About Best Hosting Services for Ecommerce.

So you’ve decided it’s time to open to launch an online store. Before doing this, you need to select the best web hosting for ecommerce. We smoothly lead you to the fact that you need different hosting providers for an information project and online commerce.

And the difference is not only in the amount of space provided on the server. More important value, in this case, will be played by additional functions that you see on the control panel of your new site. To do your little research, you can use free website hosting services. One of them is located at On this page, you will find where to host a website for free.

Best eCommerce hosting

What is e-commerce hosting?

If you think that all hosting services are equally useful, then we are in a hurry to disappoint you a little. Try and find out which one is the ideal option. You should assimilate according to different parameters. Among the main criteria are:

  • Security of electronic payments and the safety of the personal data of your customers;
  • Ability to easily scale your project by adding new categories of goods and services;
  • The ability of the site to withstand massive traffic and even DDoS attacks;
  • Ability to create huge catalogs with thousands of products. This is necessary if you plan to grow to this size. If your goal is a mini-boutique of exclusive products that exist in a single copy, you do not need such a scale.

This is not the main criterion, but the ability to design the site in an original way and create non-standard templates is still very important for the E-commerce Development Company. An intuitive interface is important to people. And it is important for you to make the site not only convenient but also memorable.

It is also important for you that the website control panel is user-friendly. Usually, hosting providers offer two or three options. Among them, there are necessarily one or two standard panels and one proprietary design. Most often, the client can independently choose the control panel, regardless of the tariff plan just like the ones at top eCommerce website builders. We strongly recommend that you test all tools before signing a contract.

This will ensure that you are comfortable using the panel. And you will also know if it has all the functions you need.

The importance of the commercial sector

Business is trying to use the World Wide Web not only to promote its brand but also to directly sell services and goods. For these tasks, online stores are designed. More and more people are shopping online, so you have to find the right web hosting for your marketplaces that will provide users with the best possible experience.

The best host providers will make sure to provide their customers with additional layers of security related to protecting the privacy of their customers. On top of that, you’ll also be offered beautifully designed templates, access to shopping cart software, PayPal integrations and email marketing services.

Business Booster is an information site leading to a purchase

Even if you don’t plan to do online sales, your business will need a high-quality online presence to help improve brand awareness and reach your audience. Entrepreneurs typically expect to see a 10-20% increase in traffic to their sites every month, and if all goes well, it’s in your best interest to get a hosting that won’t hinder your growth.

Ideally, your hosting relationship should be long-term. It’s a real headache to find a new hosting provider every time, not to mention all the difficulties associated with transferring your files from server to server. To avoid this scenario, look for a growing hosting.

Such hosters, in addition to attractive shared hosting plans, also have the ability to meet the needs of more expensive projects, allowing you to upgrade to a VPS or rent a dedicated server. This means that the hoster will stay with you for a long time and will accompany you all the way to your success.


Choose a hosting that you can grow with. Don’t be afraid to dream of a bright, eventful future for your websites. Some of the more budget hosting providers focus solely on offering shared hosting, which means that when your project requires more resources and you’re ready to move to a VPS or even rent a dedicated server, you’ll have to switch hosting. Hosting should be chosen with an eye to the future.

You may need a second or even a third site. It has become a fashionable trend not to launch a huge project, which includes a business offer, a catalog, and an expert blog. It’s easier for people to navigate small sites.

It is much more logical, for example, to run an interesting news portal and regularly publish links to product catalogs. It is important to do this only at the moment when the commercial offer is appropriate. In any case, if you find excellent hosting, you can host any number of your projects on it.

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