The Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming with concept of Android 6.0 and 18 MP camera with 4K frame

Galaxy S6 android 6.0

Samsung is going to continue Galaxy line in future as Galaxy S6 indicating. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to come with beautiful Gravity UX that runs on Android 6.0. The camera is expected to come with 4K high frame which will contain 18 Megapixel snapping Quality. According to Android Authority ” most drool worthy part of the concept ” is a battery life in only a single charge will live for a week, you may be curious on it?

Galaxy S6

The release date could be very far discussion but Samsung theĀ  Asia’s largest electronics manufacturer just updated its Note 3 line announced the update for its famous Samsung Galaxy S4. And which make the rumors circulating about the next flagship of the Asia’s Company.

The great suggestions about Galaxy S6 telling that it will run on Android 6.0. The galaxy S6 will have 4.5 Inch display stunning 2K display. New design concept of Galaxy S6 smartphone android and its updated features are being made conceptual which will may become real on the Official announcement.

Galaxy S6

The back screen of Galaxy S6 is rumored as to be using the plastic unibody as its predecessor. The Galaxy S6 will be the Most stylish phone of the future. It will be protected with a coating of nano called ‘Hyperskin’.


Source: Stylegerms

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