The Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Be The First Smart Phone To Have A Flexible Display.


There are a number of better functionalities that the Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone will tag along with. These include:

Display: First and foremost, the display of the Galaxy S6 will be 4.5 inches big. Secondly, the display of the smart phone will have an S-OLED characteristic. Additionally, this will be coupled with a flexible display attribute.

Camera: It goes without say that a camera is the Alpha of any smart phone. Without a camera which is actually performing as expected, then that smart phone will actually not be referred to as a smart phone. Therefore, the Galaxy S6 will have optimized camera functionality when compared to the previous models such as the S5 and so on.

Better graphics: At this day and age, graphics have become the in thing that everybody loves. Be it in the form of an image or a video, the better the graphics are, the more intrigued and delighted a consumer is. With that reason in mind, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is one of the devices that will fully implement High Definition (HD) technology output for both images and videos. Therefore, this attribute will enhance user experience. This makes the overall appeal of galaxy s6 specs very high.

What is a flexible display?

It is important to note that this smart phone will actually be the first to adopt the flexible display technology.

This being a new smart phone technology, the flexible display of the gadget will incorporate the Organic

Light Emitting Diode (OLED) layer in its 4.5 inch screen.


What is the benefit of the OLED layer?

If you are wondering what is the benefit of this “OLED” layer. Well, this is the lighting layer underneath the screen that defines what you see when the you touch or navigate around the screen of the smart phone. This equally translates to the lighting material that allows for easy navigation on the screen when a user touches the screen. The OLED layer will be made of friendly materials such as plastic or rigid glass. These can sustain pressures from hard pressing on screen or the phone being dropped down accidentally.

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