The second generation of Nexus will be out soon.


There are new rumors regarding a renewal of the Nexus 7 , one of the most famous Android tablets for its exceptional value. For some time there have been rumors about a renewal of this tablet, and now we start getting some leaked news from different sites like

The hardware features are going to be change a lot but the main characteristic size of 7-inch will remain unchanged. The most important change that will be performance related is the offering of the new Snapdragon 600 or even 800. That will sure boost the performance twice what we have in current Nexus 7. We have already seen the Benchmark results of devices with Snapdragon 600 processors, they smocked all old versions with some huge scores.

Nexus 7 2013

Other features that will change their appearance are therefore increase considerably screen resolution and would be a model having dimensions slightly smaller. All the stock companies behind this project, Google, Qualcomm and Asus have refused to provide more information, and yet no confirmation or denial about the data that have been shown before.

What will not change is its pricing policy, selling a tablet at cost price almost at a price of about $ 199 or even to $149 if Google gets a good price from makers will surely boost its sales.  According to the sources the new version will be available in 2nd Quarter of 2013. Google is quite eager to solve the shipping issues as the last Google Nexus 7 had fierce issues regarding demand and supply that effected their sales at a time when everybody wanted a Nexus 7 they simply couldn’t buy one.


Source : Reuters 

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