The Use of AI for Responsible Gambling in Online Casinos

The transformative influence of AI in the online casino market has led to the widespread utilization of new technology in the gambling industry. Increasingly, AI is used by online casinos as a tool for the promotion of responsible gambling and the reduction of problematic playing habits.

This includes AI systems designed to monitor online playing data and limit the wagering of those casino users whose gaming could be considered potentially risky. Keep reading to learn more about how casinos use AI to encourage responsible gambling online and how this cutting-edge technology is shaping the future of the gaming industry.

What is AI Technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essentially technology that mimics human intelligence. Many AI systems can efficiently perform tasks previously assigned to humans (often with superior functionality), and are coded to process speech and language whilst solving complex problems.

By using algorithms and finding patterns amongst huge pools of data, AI systems are essentially able to ‘learn’ and improve themselves, eventually with no human assistance required – this is known as machine learning. AI technology is everywhere these days, with AI systems widely used in all sectors from banking and e-commerce to healthcare, fast food and education.

AI in Casinos

How Do Online Casinos Currently Use AI?

In recent years, we’ve seen AI technology used by online casinos to serve a wide variety of increasingly complex purposes. Because AI is designed to mimic or supersede human performance, the possibilities are endless when it comes to operating and improving e-commerce sites and online casino platforms. The best US online casinos make use of AI to enhance user experience including these top 10 operators in the country. Wherever you’re playing in the world, chances are that your online casino of choice uses AI technology in one way or another. Generally, online casinos use AI systems to:

  • Enhance Customer Support: Many modern online casinos use efficient problem-solving AI systems (such as chatbots) to provide instantly accessible high-quality customer support to their users. Machine learning systems can also detect problems automatically, so you may not even have to take action to resolve any issues.
  • Personalise Casino Gaming: Machine learning algorithms use data patterns, which include trends such as which games you play, when, and how often. This means that AI systems can provide a tailored online casino experience in which you will only be recommended games and bonuses which suit your taste, budget, and playing history.
  • Provide Safety & Security: AI systems are used to protect the data, finances, and interests of online casino players, keeping them safe when making real money transactions with online casinos.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Online casinos are obliged to abide by the ethics and principles of responsible gambling, in which operators must raise awareness of the dangers of gambling addiction, provide access to fair games and keep the data and payments of their users safe. In order to discourage fraud and underage gambling, responsible online casino operators are also required to carry out thorough identity checks on their users. Generally speaking, online casinos should provide a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming environment in which problematic or risky gambling behaviors are discouraged and not catered for. Responsible gaming from a player’s perspective generally involves gambling within your means, not gambling erratically, and never gambling solely with a financial motive.

The Benefits of AI for Responsible Gaming

Most notably, AI has been used as a tool for detecting and preventing problematic patterns of play, effectively collecting banks of playing data (using machine learning) to identify negative gaming trends. Although its efficacy as a preventative measure and player safeguarding tool is subject to debate, there is no doubt that many leading casino platforms have made the most of AI technology to increase the safety of their players and encourage responsible gaming online. In terms of the promotion of responsible gaming, let’s take a look at three key benefits:

  • Reduces Problematic Gambling: Online casino AI systems monitor the habits of players and apply limits or staggered periods to their gaming accordingly if personal playing data is flagged as potentially worrying or risky. AI systems are also used to flag irregular, irresponsible, and potentially fraudulent gambling.
  • Protects Vulnerable Players Online: This includes testing game fairness, setting maximum wager limits for vulnerable casino members, checking the identity of players, and enabling gamers to take a break when they need to.
  • Provides Player Risk Assessments: AI machine learning systems can be used to provide comprehensive tailored risk assessments of individual players, which only increase in accuracy over time. These can be based on a range of factors including everything from average wager value and playing time to the time of day in which you usually place wagers. In the same way that AI can personalise your user experience, it can be used to measure the likelihood of you playing in a potentially problematic way.

Enforced Breake Systems

AI break or ‘cool off’ limiting systems are fairly effective in reducing the availability of play for problematic gamers, protecting vulnerable players and ensuring that everyone continues to have fun without drifting into the danger zone. Essentially, enforced break systems are triggered by AI whenever unusual or problematic activity is detected.

These usually ‘lock players out’ of the specific game or machine for a minimum of 30 seconds. Players may also impose longer blocks or breaks on players, depending on the nature of the irregular activity flagged. Enforced break systems work similarly to self-exclusion systems, although they are not initiated by the players themselves and are not usually as long-term.

Self-Exclusion Systems

Increasingly present as a regulatory requirement in many jurisdictions, self-exclusions are part of a safeguarding system in which players may decide to be ‘cut off’ from making wagers with a certain platform or group of online casinos.

Although self-exclusions must be instigated by individual players, AI systems are used to effectively process exclusions and block access, often across a network of casinos. Most often, self-exclusion periods will be applied for a minimum of six months. These can be extremely useful in curbing problematic gambling behaviors by reducing or blocking access to online casinos for a specified time period.

The Future of AI & Online Casinos

The utilization of emerging AI, algorithms and machine learning tech is a clear indication of the online gambling industry attempting to keep up with the times. While AI technology is still in its infancy in the grand scheme of things, its use has already proven beneficial for the online casino industry, especially when it comes to curbing problematic play, protecting players and encouraging responsible gambling online.

While the launch of the first wholly AI casino platform was hindered by technical difficulties and the tech is still in development, the potential benefits of AI are endless, and this cutting-edge technology will certainly be one to watch in the coming years…. Any tech that can protect players and promote responsible gaming whilst improving the overall online casino user experience must be worth the hype.

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