The Walking Dead is Coming to OUYA in winter


If you are dedicated PC or Console gamer, it is pretty good that you have at least heard of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. It’s an old school adventure game with a coat of current generation polish, set in the comic book universe that inspired the smash hit AMC television series. The Walking Dead is just about on every platform imaginable now. It is just recently released on the the PlayStation Vita and Telltale Games, plans to support pretty much every console with the release of season  two later this year. It is also coming to OUYA this winter.


For those of you that purchased the OUYA, you can look forward to the entire first season of The Walking Dead to launch later this year along with the 400 Days bonus episode. In typical OUYA fashion, which make necessary for game makers to provide free demos to their users, the 1st episode being provided free of charge on it. When it comes to season 2 also expected to release later this year. Telltale says that it too will be available for OUYA owners, though whether or not it will launch at the same time as other platforms remain to be seen.

But it is worth nothing that with this announcement, The Walking Dead will be the first Telltale game coming to Android. It is Sadly enough there is still no word on whether it will be coming to Google Play or if it will just be an OUYA Exclusive. However, an OUYA port of the game is definitely a step towards a port for Android in general.

The Telltale The Walking Dead game is an Awesome Sauce and it is a Biggest regret Ever Made.

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