The World started to accept the Bendgate with these strange iPhone 6 Advertisements.

This bent iPhone 6 poster is perfect   The Verge

After the shouts of #Bendgate all over the electronic and Social media it seems like the World advertising agencies are more willing to accept the fact that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has the bend in reality. Some more images pop up on twitter showing some strange huge Billboard in the middle of Berlin with a bend at the center with the huge iPhone 6 posted over it.

The issues can be seen all over the world where the Billboards have to be bent in case of lesser space to fit their aadvertisementon limited area. But in this case this bent billboard is joke in itself while hosting the iPhone 6 advertisement. This made the iPhone 6 ad being advertised so perfectly that it seem perfectly sync with the shape of the billboard and it seems that nobody would require any further explanation after watching this huge bent billboard with the iPhone 6 over it.

The Tweet posted below is by a Citizen from Berlin truly depicts the whole story. The man who shot this image claims that earlier there was a Samsung device posted on the display. But later on it was replaced with Apple’s current iPhone 6.


While the other image that also pops up on Twitter shows the bent promotional poster of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from an Apple store in Netherlands The image seem to be true and one of the top sites agent has confirmed the news by visiting the spot. The Apple Store is in KPN in Store Demo Area. This Dutch signage seems to be a an attempt by Apple store designers to show delightfully their self-sabotage experience or their incredibly witty Visuals Satire. Here is the other one. Make your friends day by tweeting or sharing it on Facebook.


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