This Year’s Tech Releases are Straight Out of the Future.

Every year, new technology seems to make us feel closer and closer to living in the future. With news of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence that can write entire novels and robots that help manage our households, it can feel like we are living in a Ray Bradbury novel everyday.

This year’s technology is no exception, and looking at some of the year’s coolest releases will likely make your jaw drop and your imagination run wild. While it can be fun to imagine that this technology will soon be the products of yester-year (as was done in this cool collection of vintage-inspired ads for modern technology), it can be hard to get past just how futuristic our modern gadgets are.

Here are some of the year’s coolest releases to stir up your dreams of the future.

Future of Technology


First up, the modern phones being released this year are truly remarkable. On one hand, there is the Samsung Galaxy, which seems to defy the laws of physics in its new design. With the new Z Flip design, the phone manufacturer seemed to do the impossible and create foldable glass.

And while in fact, the glass screen itself does not fold, the fine-tuned design that abets the illusion is a hardware feat in itself. Other phone brands have also been pushing the limits of technology with Apple’s new iPhone having an incredibly powerful digital camera that can catch a 120-degree field of view.

But it’s not just phones that are pushing the limits of technology.

3D Printers:

3D printers, a very buzz-worthy piece of technology have been rising in popularity and power over the past few years given that they allow any user to create any model from the detailed melting and hardening of plastic.

Notably, the technology has risen to the wonder around it as 3D printers have been used to create medical equipment like prosthetics and even bioprinted tissue that can save lives. However, these printers are available for general consumer use as well. Some 3D printers can cost only a few hundred dollars, allowing for the creation of new creations from young and budding designers or tech-savvy crafters.


Speaking of the household, robots, and technology used in the domestic sphere is also pushing the limits of technology. For one thing, devices like the Roomba and the Eufy move quietly through a home with a human-like ability to find and clean different messes. Still other devices like smart refrigerators that order groceries and mirrors that model workouts in your reflection all attempt to turn your home into a self-betterment tool.

Of course, all of this technology will seem old and familiar in a few year’s time. Perhaps our foldable phones and smart fridges will be traded out for hologram devices and self-cooked food. But, for now, we can just sit back in amazement at all of the technology at our fingertips.

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