TikTok VS YouTube Shorts – Comparison

If you’re wondering about which platform is best for you to get started with short videos, then this article about Tik Tok vs YouTube Shorts will surely help you a lot in this case

With this post, you’ll get to know about a complete comparison of both platforms along with earning methods and engagement hacks. We tried both platforms side by side and noticed a few important details which you should consider while you’re using the platform.

Both the platforms have their unique qualities and approach, you can compare them as ratings but you can still find your interests and play along with your comfort. It’s getting long here so let’s go through the comparison and read all about the pros and cons of both applications.

TikTok vs YouTube Shorts

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is widely popular for its short videos and also it is ranked on the top for such content because the public tends to make short videos to interact with the audience.

The concept is to make educational or entertainment videos with short length to deliver instant messages to the audience. You can make a variety of videos here, share financial tips, do vines, lip-syncing dubs, or even show your dance moves to the world.

Let’s divide the sum into points to know the highlights.


The engagement will surely hit your video more than any other platform because the public here is only for short videos and they keep scrolling the feed for hours to explore new videos and ideas.

If your content has enough quality to get featured in the feed, it will surely boost your profile with countless numbers of followers.

Video Formats

There is only one type of video you can find on this platform, specifically described as a short video with a length of 15 seconds to 3 minutes maximum

But the majority of videos will be posted with a time gap of 60 seconds as max. This way users can find all the necessary information out of the video within a minute and don’t feel wasting their time on useless content.

Editing Tools

Trust us, you won’t find any other editing tool which can compete with Tik Tok in adding additional layers on video.

You can have hundreds of filters, edit background with greenscreen effects, add stickers, and pick music out of the biggest library which holds almost every song you ever heard.

It’s quite easy to edit videos here, all the features are available at your fingertips and work smoothly on all smartphones.

You don’t have to pay anything here for the editing or subscription model, it’s all free for everyone.

Earning in Tik Tok

You can make more money here rather than on youtube or any other platform because the creators get offers from various sources

You’ll get free tickets to attend concerts, celebrity carpet shows, or face models auditoriums to inspire new creators. In exchange, you’ll get a handsome amount of reward.

Surplus, you can promote products, services through your profile from the sponsored brands to be their ambassador.

Some Highlights

Here are some features which you won’t get on youtube but are available in Tik Tok.

Duet Videos

Here at Tik Tok, you can collaborate with other content creators and make videos online with them. This way you both can exchange your followers with one another.

Q&A Option

On Tik Tok, you can leave random questions for you public to answer wisely as comments. You can answer them accordingly or gather the facts for yourself.

This way you can know the public’s choice and what they want you to do in your upcoming videos.

Discovery Feed

With this option, you’ll get in touch with all the latest trends, popular sounds, and effects that’s been in trend for the last few days.

You can pick your new ideas from there or use that audio in your videos to flow with the trend.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video sharing, it has options to upload videos of hours, or even bigger in the length of 24 hours, which seems impossible for any other platform.

Recently, youtube announced shorts where anyone can make short videos of 15 to 60 seconds to make educational or entertainment content to drop instant thoughts without wasting the time of viewers. If you wish to download youtube shorts on your phone, make sure to use some good sites like savetube.


The audience is more here but the fact is, youtube shorts are only available for mobile users and no desktop users can stream through those videos.

This can be a big con, but still, most mobile users love scrolling youtube feed to find new content and hopefully go through your videos if it’s fully optimized.

Video Formats

There is a variety of videos on youtube, either it’s a normal video with no specific length limit or a short video with limited seconds.

You can easily identify both videos just by looking at the watermark in the thumbnail icon. If there is any shorts logo at the bottom, it’s a short video, either it’s a normal video.

Editing Tools

You only get a couple of tools here, you can optimize colors and add some filters to garnish your video look.

There is an option to add texts and music from the library, but the list is limited with free content. However, it’s great to use the editing tool of youtube because you don’t have to put much effort here.

Earning in YouTube

You can’t monetize short videos but still, you have a lot more options than Tik Tok to make money through your content.

Here on YouTube, you’ll get the option to add titles and descriptions for all your videos, you can mention your gadget’s affiliate links into your video to let the public know about accessories and purchase them from your links.

Some Highlights

These features are only available in YouTube shorts and not in Tik Tok, so choose wisely what you want in your platform.

Dislike Button

The most demanding feature on the internet is available here, now you can dislike the content which you don’t like.

Most of the cringe videos or fake magic tricks are floating over the Internet and people love reacting dislikes on them, so here’s the chance to do so.

Schedule Post

You don’t have to be awake every night just to keep the routine uploading, you can set a schedule for the future posting and youtube will automatically air your videos at the given time. This way you can keep your consistency without being consistent.

Age Restrictions

If your video holds something which seems inappropriate for kids you can mark your videos with the age restrictions feature so the users will know that your video has something which needs to be viewed under the adult’s guidance.

It’s an innovative solution to keep the kids from watching bad influencers or inappropriate content.

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