Tips on Choosing the Best Gaming Headset.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you cannot imagine your weekend without gaming. From the battlegrounds of Call of Duty to the fighting arena of Tekken 7, online gaming has taken a toll in recent years. Gaming without a stable internet is unimaginable. 

Facing a lag during an intense battle between rivals and suddenly your internet stops. What would be your reaction? We recommend you have a high-speed internet connection before you enter the extreme gaming world. If you don’t have one, try Spectrum internet for the best gaming experience. Apart from offering speed up to 1Gig, the customer service is ready to serve you when you need it the most. Don’t worry, if you are a Spanish speaker because spectrum español pagos will offer assistance in the language you are comfortable with. 

Apart from an internet connection, you must have all the peripherals and accessories to make gaming more exciting and fun. Without a better quality sound, the fun of gaming reduces to half. Without disturbing others in the room, it is better to have a headset. Gaming headsets are selling like a hot cake nowadays, due to increased demand in gaming and streaming. In this post, we are going to share some tips on choosing the best gaming headset. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Gaming Headphones

What to Choose: Wireless or Wired Headset  

When it comes to selecting a gaming headset, you might find yourself struggling in selecting the right headset. You can choose either a wireless headset or a wired one. It is a fact that gaming headsets are more expensive than any normal headset. But both wired and wireless headsets come with their pros and cons. 

Wireless headsets set you free from the hassle of a cable. Moreover, most wired headsets feature a very thin wire that can break easily. Apart from tangling yourself in cable, you might find yourself cluttered with other wired connections. Wired headsets might feature a short cable that feels too uncomfortable or too long that you might get stringed up. Wired headsets are also constricting. You might feel disturbed while gaming as the wires get along in your way. 

On the contrary, wireless headsets are worth considering, only if you buy an expensive one. Low-cost wireless headsets sacrifice the quality of sound. Whereas when it comes to the wired headset, you might experience richer sound. Wireless audio is also not reliable for many reasons. The reason is that your headset won’t work longer than a wired headset. Especially if you are gaming for hours, the battery might drain too quickly and you may need to plug it back to charge. 

Both wired and wireless headsets have some advantages and disadvantages. It is your call to pick the one that suits your needs and requirements. 

Bluetooth or No Bluetooth

This part might look similar to the previous one we discussed, but there is some difference you need to know. Most first-time buyers consider a wireless headset that connects to Bluetooth and allows them to hear sounds. However, the fact is that wireless headsets might not have traditional Bluetooth connectivity. Some of the wireless headsets come with a dongle that needs to be plugged into a USB port to enjoy the sound. But what if you want to use the same headset for gaming on mobile. That means you are restricted to using it only on your PC or other devices having a USB port and not on your cellphone.  

If you are looking for more flexibility, you may find it a little uncomfortable. Especially if the headset is purchased only for gaming, you can select any of the headsets. However, if you want to use it over other non-USB devices, make sure to purchase a Bluetooth headset. 

Physical Connections

If you go for a wireless headset, you have to consider physical connection options as well. The premium headsets also feature different connectivity options. One of them is AUDEZE Mobius which offers almost everything. We would recommend you purchase it because it is a much better option than the rest and works perfectly on a personal computer. 

If you love playing games on a gaming laptop, you might find a wireless headset to be the best option. However, you also need to keep in mind that the wireless headset might also use the USB port for the dongle. If there are not many USB ports, the best option is to go for a traditional 3.5mm jack headset. The option is also suitable for playing games on Nintendo Switch. Also, the optical and USB option offers premium quality sound. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality is another important factor when choosing the right gaming headset. Without any doubt, the judgment depends on you and your ears. You should shortlist the headsets that are within the reach of your budget, includes all essentials, and test them before purchasing. It is better to read reviews from trusted sources online as well as watch YouTube video reviews to judge the quality of sound. 

The gaming headset should sound better, even if it hasn’t got all the things and features that we have discussed previously. Sound quality is the deciding factor to choose or not to choose a particular headset. Keep in mind, that the better the sound, the higher the price. If you are tight on budget and dying for a better quality headset, you can wait for sales to go live on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Cost of Gaming Headset 

The best gaming headset price starts from as low as $50. One of the favorite budget headsets among gamers is Corsair HS50 which allows them to stay within budget. The headset can offer you a marvelous experience while gaming and if you are new to gaming, the headset will prove to be a good bargain for your money. If you can afford a high-priced gaming headset, it would cost you anywhere between $80 to $200 and more. 

The best way to purchase a headset is from stores like BestBuy and Walmart. But if you are looking for a better deal, Amazon is the right place to buy from. However, if you want to try it on your ears to find a comfort level, you can simply visit the nearest brick and mortar shop. 

Summing Up

Hope the aforementioned tips will help you in buying a new gaming headset. Enhance your gaming experience by choosing the right kind of gaming headset. 

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