Top 10 Educational apps that will help you during the exam for iOS 7, Android or Windows Phone 8.

There are lots of different apps available for you if you want to do well in school. Obviously, the only sure fire way to do well in school is to cheat, and so if you fancy taking your chances then there are apps out there to help you cheat on your exams. Finding a way of getting your phone into the exam is going to be hard, and finding a way of using it without getting caught is hard too, nevertheless, if you can pull it off, then here are a few apps to help you. These top 10 apps that will help you during exams are surely the best  Educational apps available for iOS 7, Android or Windows Phone 8 platforms. Most probably these are the best Educational Apps found for these platforms.

1 – Infographics, by Column Five Media

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

It is a very nice place to hide cheat sheets. You need a way of looking at your phone, but you cannot be flipping through pages or typing things in. So, you put all of your answers onto one Infographic and then display it on your phone. You can do that with this app. That way you have all the answers you will ever need in just one place, meaning that you can cheat away without the worry of being caught.

2 – Evernote

(IOS, Windows, Android)

This app is a great place to store your notes so that you can access them in your exam. It is also a nice app for writing down the questions so that the people who have your exam next are going to know what is on the exam. You can store numerous notes and equations on your Evernote app so that you can cheat your way to success whilst using one of the most commonly used and unsuspecting apps on the market.

3 – Pennant


This app allows you to set up visualizations that are able to hold a massive amount of numbers in one visualization. You are also able to find those figures very easily too, mainly because they are all on the same screen. If your exam requires you to remember a lot of numbers, such as members of the periodic table, then you can cheat by using this app. It makes number memorizing pointless since you can just cheat with this app.

4 – Google Search

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Windows, Android, BlackBerry)

It would be unfair to write about cheating apps without mentioning the Google search app. This app allows you to search the web for the answers to the questions in your exam. As a research tool on its own it is very handy during an exam because it makes it easy for you to find the answers you need. If you have the time and the ability to touch your mobile device frequently, then this app is going to come in very handy for you.

5 – Any messenger app

There are lots of them on the market. You need to set it up to be on silent running first, and you need someone on the other end who is prepared to do your research for you. You type in shorthand messages that the other person can understand, and that person sends back the details that you need in order to cheat on your exam. Any messenger app will do, just so long as your accomplice has the same app too.

6 – Math cheat sheet


Yes, it may seem like a nice revision tool, but why bother revising it at all if you can simply take the cheat sheet into the exam with you. You may then have all of the relevant equations ready and waiting for you. It makes cheating on a math test a whole lot easier for the fact that it is sometimes hard to remember equations or mathematical rules. No longer will you be burdened with trying to remember this stuff.

7 – The Wikipedia app

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Windows, Android, BlackBerry)

A little like the Google app, this app allows you to research a massive number of things. The source is not exactly credible, but if you do not know the answer to a question then an answer that may be right is better than not answering at all. The link shows the iOS version of the app you can download the Android or the Windows Phone 8 versions from their respective stores too.

8 – Discovr Apps

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Fill this app with news items or information that you think will be relevant to your exam and then use it during a test. It is especially handy for remembering certain details about historical events and humanities events. It makes writing about them a lot easier and you can be very accurate in what you write, which is going to make you look as if you were paying a lot of attention to details when you were in class.

9 – Roambi – Visualize

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

If you are looking to cheat your whole way through the test, then you are going to need this app. It is built in order to set up business reports into handy folders that are easy to index. You can use to create files for your cheat sheets so that you can look them up and find them easily with the least amount of button presses possible. The less you have to press on your mobile device, then the easier it is to cheat.


10 – MindMeister

(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

This is an app that allows you to set up mind maps. Having to look through reams of text is sometimes difficult to navigate, as is looking through an Infographic. With this app you may create mind maps and then follow the lines of your written thought in order to get a better look at the information you are using to cheat. It makes your own navigation of facts a lot easier to read and look up, making your cheating job a lot easier.

Author bio: Korah Morrison, working as online essay writer, current student in UCLA, studying political science and in love with philosophy.

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