Top 3 Free Best Online Backup service for Mac 2015 – Windows PC


Online backup storage is also called as remote backup. It eases the users by providing a system for backups, storage and recovery of files. Users can easily access photos, videos, doc files anywhere at any time. The data is completely secured and easily accessible. It is the cheapest and easiest way for extra safety you can protect your data with password consisting of at least 8 characters.

Some advance online backup providers are Dropbox, Livedrive and BackBlze. They allow the users to store unlimited data. Now a days it’s a technologically driven world in which the paper work is shifted to computers we save our important data filled with gigabytes mostly on computers or external hard drive. but the major issue associated with saving data computer is that computers get viruses easily and hard drives fails others reasons also causes the failure such as damage to device, accidental deletion and forever lost of computer etc.  The beauty of online backup avoids the stresses of the users by the establishment of online backup’s procedures.

The best online backup service of MAC 2015 include number of ways for automatic backups and the users are capable of storing data in a more secured manner to cloud backup. There are multiple cloud storage providers in UK, USA and Canada.

Listed below are some of the best online storages for MAC 2015 are:


Dropbox is the simplest and elegant cloud based storage. It is the top most online backup provider service for MAC and PC. It ensures the users with 100% guarantee to keep data files safe, synchronized and the users can easily share it. It also provides with 5GB free data storage and then on exceeding limit you have to pay extra.


BackBlze is online backup software which is different from much other software. Its friendly to use, secured and it doesn’t demand the user to pick folders and files it automatically do it. Blackblze provides 5GB free spaces, Inter Mac and OS X 10.05 or higher.



Livedrive is another online backup service. It provides unlimited storage, it’s secured and data is saved forever. It is the personal storage space service introduced by some UK based company. Livedrive is well worth for small business, home users and enterprises all over the world. The normal plan is starting from 3GB per month. Livedrive offers a free trial version for the customers so that they can try out full product before buying it. Livedrive provide both backup and briefcase areas. Backup contains all the data stored online while briefcase is consisting of local cached that can be accessed without internet connection. The users can easily backup the data from MAC to quickly access on Smartphone’s devices. It is the best online backup service available for MAC 2015.

More online backup services are also available that stores data online, so choose the best one for your MAC to access data anytime anywhere.

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