Top 3 Windows 10 features that will make your PC Safer.


With the announcement of the future Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system there are many celebrations and at the same time some serious concerns among tech geeks. Some of the new features introduced in this version of Windows tends to resolve those persistent problems and will make things a bit easier for the end-users. This shows in the newly designed start menu which seems to be researched well and will help the productivity of the users. This will also leads to the clearer divide between desktop featured OS and Touch OS.

But at the same time with the release of a new Windows OS, currently Windows 10; Users are always curious about the security features of that operating system. Thankfully, this new version of the Windows 10 would be safest user friendly operating system to be released by Microsoft to date. This shows that Microsoft wants to bolster security without opening up new holes. The tech giant doesn’t seem trying any new UI with some dramatic changes which is a good news for the security pros.

Today we will let you know the Top 3 Windows 10 features that will make your PC safer as described in current reports released by some top notch research managers at Webroot pointing tor the big steps taken by Microsoft to reduce the security threats. Those main features include the Multi-factor Authentication, Separation of corporate and personal Data and the use of Trusted apps. While there are some features in pipeline which may be introduced with other variants of the Windows 10.

1- Multi-factor Authentication:

There were some reports that Microsoft is keen to add some new methods for the aauthenticationof users before the announcement of future operating system for PC. The security IT Analysts describe it as the users will have a few flexible and workable options to manage with, e.g, if  you use a Windows Phone OS based smartphone, You can enable a feature that requires the device to be connected over the Bluetoothor the Wi-Fi in order to gain access. The feature has been used previously on the HP laptops but it has been baked in the new Windows OS.


The second option will be a biometric device such as a finger printer reader to be used as a second authentication in addition to the regular password. This has been already seen as a new enhancement in the Mac and iOS devices. This new method of authentication can prove the security standards on a new and much higher level.

2- Separation of Corporate and Personal Data:

This has been seen currently with the smartphone OS like Android’s latest version of lollipop 5.0 that enables the option for users to create new accounts on their devices. Also recently it has been seen on BlackBerry Bold devices that enables to locked down the encrypted in separate portal from all personal apps and data. The manager for security services at Microsoft says that this will be a feature in Windows 10 and will occur “on the Fly” without the end user even knowing what is happening.

He further stated that, ” All apps, data, email, website contents etc, defined as corporate will be automatically encrypted without users intervention. Windows phone will support the same technology so that the protected documents can be accessed via the phone.”

3- Installation of Trusted Apps:

Unauthorized end-user apps have always been the headaches for the regular users which may lead to the security breech for the common Windows users. Sometimes the users browse to unknown sites and get the installation prompt for an application for an application which has nothing to do with their system but to find the loop holes in their usage so that they can get access to their data.


Fortunately, developers at Microsoft have taken action on this security issue as well. So the release of trusted apps will be scrutinized by the experts and then will be made available for users to download and install on their systems. All other mal-ware apps and such data will be banned from being installed on the latest Windows 10 OS. This will be a great step in killing all such data that is injected into ones PC without their knowledge.

In the end we must claim these security measures taken by the developers to make this future Windows 10 as the most secure operating system for the users. But when is it coming to your PC? Only time will tell if the new OS, set to debut this year, lives up to these claims of enhanced security.

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