Top 5 best battery saving apps for Android in 2015.


The world is technologically advanced everyone is using Smartphone and running out of battery is a very common problem. In our day to day activates we take calls, check email, use social sites, play games and do many other things which consumes most of the energy. Features and app are also getting powerful that eat all the battery. What if you get the chance to hands on the Top 5 best battery saving apps for Android and all of them are fresh from 2015.

Android offer various apps that ensure the user to reduce the battery drain. These apps are power-effective in managing the device. Android itself is powerful software that provides built in features to control battery running issues by decreasing the mobile display screen brightness, guide the user to close all the open tabs. This will result in boosting device speed and overcome the battery issues.

So give a look to all five android apps which will help you to save battery life. All these apps have been tested and tried and have been found working perfectly with most of the Android devices. Some of these apps might use rooting privileges for extra features. Here are the top 5 battery Saving Apps for Android in 2015.

1) Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery doctor app is one of the best and popular app for curing battery problems. It encourages the health of battery and search for the cause that is responsible for making the device speed slow.  This app is available on Google play store. It is consisting of more than 330 million users worldwide. The reason of its popularity is that it kills all the apps that are using unnecessary space and power in the background. The best part of this app is that it provides accurate and detailed information about your consumption that device is running out of battery. The remedies are quite helpful. It support 27 languages and also help the user by providing three stages and monitor how and when to charge, in order to reduce the power usage and increase battery life.


2) DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor

DU battery saver is another battery defender app available on Google play store. The app is built with one aim to extend the battery life of your device. This app helps to increase 50% life. App is famous worldwide and consisting of more than 3 million users. Its favorite because when you open the app it first display remaining battery time then it find the reason of poor charging and solve the drainage problem that decreases battery life. The app can also set battery management modes by adjusting the settings of the device.

The users can also update its pro level and extend the life up to 70%. It’s a strongly recommended app to speed up your device.

3)  2 Battery – Battery Saver

2 battery saver is valuable and effective battery saver android app. It is intelligent and extends the battery life up to several hours by managing 3G/4G connections in the background. It also ensures the users with money back guarantee.  If the users don’t like the app within 24 hours their money will be returned. Up till now this app has more than 10,000,000 download. It’s a perfect and reliable app.


4) Battery save Booster

Battery drain is very annoying but with battery save booster app just on one single click you can extend your battery life. The app will display notification with some guidelines, follow them to manage your device battery health.

5) Juice Defender – Battery Saver

Juice defender is another android battery sparing application with more than 7 million downloads; it is the most recommended app in 2014. This app is easy to use, powerful and automatically manages all the features. It improves the performance and cleans up all the clutter by managing mobile data, wifi, 3G/4G connections and CPU speed. It will also help to trim up the fat that is eating the most battery.


Hope that these apps would benefit you and let you have longer battery life of your Android device.

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