Top 5 best Flight Simulation Games for Android.

Once again we have come up with the most played and all-time favorite games, and this time the whole list is for the Flight Simulation games for Android games lovers. We have finally categorized the list of the Top 5 best Flight simulation games for Android, for you so that you can enjoy the games on your heavy specs-loaded Android smartphones. If you own the Galaxy Note series, you gonna love every bit of these flight simulators Apk which we have brought for you.

Flight Simulation Games for Android

The list of Top 5 Android Flight Simulator Games in 2016 is in ascending order so that you can download them according to your own choice. All of them are flight simulation games because these days flight simulation games are hot items. All five games have their description and a brief introduction of the gameplay you just have to read it and download whichever game suits you.

Before heading to the list one thing you all have to keep in mind is that these Flight Simulator Apk are quite heavy and should be better downloaded and installed via WiFi because only one of them can ruin your whole month’s budgeted data plan. All these Flight simulators have a variety of aircraft with most of them locked at initial missions and you have to unlock them by completing your flight tests. We are looking forward to bringing these Flight Simulator Mod Apk for the apps listed below.

Flight Simulation Games

1- Infinite flight

It is the most played game because of its beautiful features. The view is splendid and you also have the choice to fly in the weather of your own choice, you can fly in windy, rainy and sunny weather and also you have the choice to change the light options if you want to fly at night or day. You can download the game from the official site.

Secondly, the gameplay goes like you have to first takeoff and fly using the options provided at your screen and you can turn your plane, change the altitudes, and much more. The Airplanes are just like real and colorful and the view down to the land is just as if you are flying in the real plane and controlling it yourself. You can zoom in and zoom out also if you want to make a flawless round.


2- Air navy fighters

Well, this is the second most played game and as the name tells you it is a fighting game and is related to air navy. People who are more interested in armed forces would love to experience it. The gameplay no doubt is very interesting and keeps you busy while spending hours in concentrating to the game. You have the variety of missions that you need to accomplish. The color of most of the aircraft are navy green and forces colors so this adds even more interest for the lovers of armed forces. It is just so realistic and the 3-D graphics adds more to the reality as when the sunset view and morning views are just splendid. It is a beautiful game and one must experience it.

3- Fighter wing 2

The Fighter Wing 2 is also a fighting game and the third most played game. On screen you have got the variety of options, on the left bottom you have the controls for steering left, right and you also can move forward or backward while on ground and on the right side you have the boost option. In the middle there is the altitude gauges and on the top there is a speedometer and mission stats like “kills” “DMG” there is also an option to make movie of your fighter flight. You can also upgrade your planes and buy new planes with the money you make by completing of the missions. The gameplay is fun and one must experience it.


4- Absolute RC plane simulator

This game has got some high addiction a very detailed option game which will make your senses concentrate in the game and all the surroundings seem as if everyone is quiet. The gameplay is really fun. The colorful planes and green fields give a real-life situation and unlike all the real-life remote control air crafts that needs money for their maintenance, this game has got no issues even if you completely destroy the aircraft because the same aircraft would appear again in the next game all the options which are there in a real life remote-controlled aircraft are available in front of your screen.

5- X-plane 9

The X-plane 9 is another very beautiful and most played game of the year but it is fifth in the ranking, this game includes the following aircraft

  • Columbia 400
  • Piper Malibu
  • Cirrus Vision
  • Piaggio Avanti
  • Beechcraft King Air
  • Eclipse 500
  • Cessna 172

maxresdefault (17)

You have the choice to fly in different regions of America those including

  • Innsbruck, Austria
  • Hawaii
  • Boswell Bay, Alaska
  • Southern California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Desert Sky, California

This is available on Apple Store and android and also on desktop computers. You will surely enjoy the flying, landing and handling. Different camera angles can be adjusted just the way you want according to your own desire and vision.

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