Top 5 Alternative websites to the KickAss Torrent,along with a Backup of KAT

So here we are with the most recent and topmost Alternative Websites of KickAss Torrent. We will provide you the topmost alternative websites of KAT and also another backup website for all the data of the KickAss Torrent, although this website is under construction but will be available soon.

Actually from the last many days, this is one of the most  Concerned problems for the torrent downloaders because the best Website for the Torrent Download KickAss Torrent is closed and this creates a big issue for those who cannot download a simple file from some reliable source.

But this isn’t a big issue because after the door is closed many doors opened. We will give you the best 5 websites link and overview which you will surely enjoy using because these websites have more good results than KAT and also very reliable for the torrent downloads.  public and open website to download torrents now. Below is the list of the Top 5 Alternative websites to the KickAss Torrent, along with a Backup of KAT. Click on the title of the website to visit the website.

Top 5 Alternative websites to the KickAss Torrent:

1. ExtraTorrent:

This is one of the most reliable open source for peer to peer connections.This website will provide you the best download options for all the best torrents. Extratorrent is one of the best alternatives to kickass torrents. Its interface is just like KAT and also has different categories option.It has also a feature of different languages. You can find stuff in different languages here. As its name suggest it is indeed the largest torrent data platform.

2. Pirate Bay:

As we all know that KAT is now closed and nobody knows when it will reopen or its backup is going to be launched but we have still a good option is the Pirate Bay is the best of them. Pirate Bay is the most used and visited website after the KAT. People flok thereby using the piratebay proxies and getting the desired torrents. so if the king is down than the second most powerful website is Pirate Bay. I personally used it and it will surely not fail you. Do visit the website and get every download present on torrent.

3. Demonoid:

As you heard before Demonoid as the private torrent downloading website but now they are not private anymore because they are now into a real business and launched the reopening of their website after being closed for a long time. They come back with some real force and they are now into the market their users are increasing day by day specially after the close of KAT. The website has both the options you can register and search or you can search publicly.In general in Demonoid you will not find as many files as in other websites  but this will provide yoou some genuine and very attractive stuff.

4. RuTracker:(Russia)

It is another website which was private. This russian website having very famous all around the world having very good reviews and it also has very tough history because it was closed by the russian operators for many time (which is for sure for a private website) and forced to sign collaborations with copyright owners. The website honors had decided to make the website public and make it an open source for all the torrents. After that its rating and visitors started building and is now one of the best alternatives to the KAT. The website is in Russia but has also linked to the translator through which there is no difficulty for the persons who don’t understand Russian.Different categories for the Torrents and has all the possible torrents available on the site.

5. LimeTorrents:

Basically its not the actual website that holds the downloads  its the kind of catalog of torrents that can help us find what we are looking for ,its not the page that we are looking for.There is not a content for the adults on this website.

The Only Backup Website for KickAss Torrent (About to start):

1. KATCache:

As the name of the website suggest that probably it has the cache saved data for KAT ,yes it is the saved data for the KAT but not temporary saved data but the data stored more than one million KAT torrents before the website is  closed.This is very wise steps by the admins of KAT that the API has all the back up data and now they are providing this data to the  Project KATCache which is surely the best possible way to access the KAT again because the data on the website is same as the KAT had before.May be there are some more new algorithm that will be introduced.Developers are working on the website and soon it will be on the web.

So i hope you get some real good data regarding the torrents websites and you will surely not get disappointed after the closing of the KAT.These 6 websites are the top most and most suitable alternatives for the KAT if you are the torrent lovers and you don’t have any life without torrents so do visit these websites and download the files of your choice with very good seeds.I,m saying this again that these are practical used websites and will not disappoint you.Click on the title of the website to visit the website.

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