Top 5 Recommended Mobile Trading Applications.


Only a decade ago, traders could only enter trades and manage their positions by dialing up their broker from a land-line phone. Well, the times have certainly changed. During the course of the last few years, online trading has witnessed an explosion, and thousands of traders from all around the world are now able to trade the world markets with a simple click of the mouse or swipe and tap of their finger on their mobile device.

Today, trading is easier than ever before. As the popularity of Android and iPhone apps continue to grow exponentially, app developers have jumped right in, providing cutting-edge trading apps to increase the power, reliability, and convenience of the trading experience. Let’s take a look at five powerful trading apps that can benefit every modern trader. So here are the Top 5 Recommended Mobile Trading Apps for your daily use.

1- Trade Interceptor:
This revolutionary app is arguably the premier charting app for forex prices. Trading apps offered by some forex brokers have limited charting capabilities. This is where Trade Interceptor really shines. It provides traders with the ability to select up to 10 data feeds, and its clean and reliable charting displays a substantial amount of useful historical data. Traders can also benefit from a convenient alarm function that allows them to set up price alarms and receive them via text. This is a terrific advantage for technical traders who have identified specific price levels and want to be able to capitalize on trading opportunities when they are on the go.

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2- Bloomberg:
Every successful trader understands the importance of staying updated on all of the latest fundamental data. Asset prices move according to economic and geopolitical news releases every single day. The Bloomberg app allows traders to view market data and any emerging fundamental data, such as international news events. Thanks to the customizable home page, traders can filter specific news feeds so that they can see the headlines for any category that they choose.

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3- Reuters:
Reuters is widely considered around the world as one of the most respected financial news sources. The Reuters app may seem strikingly similar to the Bloomberg app, but having both apps allows traders to gain a comprehensive perspective on emerging fundamental data as analysis and articles often varies between the two leading financial news agencies.

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4- Metatrader 4:
It may have been a long time coming, but the mobile version of the incredibly powerful Metatrader4 has arrived, providing users of the wildly popular multi-broker platform with the ability to manage their trades from anywhere in the world. Although it may have slightly less functionality than the dynamic desktop version, due to the lack of MQL programming, it is still one of the most feature-packed mobile trading platforms on the market. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating devices, the mobile version of Metatrader4 is the perfect addition to every trader’s arsenal.

Download Links : [ Google Play Store for Android devices] [ iTunes for iOS devices ]

5- iTrade Mobile:
Endorsed by Apple, this trading app provides traders with the ability to access up to three broker accounts, including Netotrade. The basic functions of most trading platforms are available, allowing traders to open and close positions, view their trading history, execute entry and exit orders, and modify their open positions. The app also offers traders advanced charting capabilities, the ability to view price data in a multitude of useful ways, and useful economic calendars.

Download Links : [ iTunes for iOS devices ]

For Android users, there is also an iTradeMobile alerts apps that can be used on Android devices, but it is less functional than other similar apps. If you happen to have Android and iOS mobile devices running side-by-side, you will likely be better off using an app that is available without any limitations for both platforms. However, if you are an iPhone user, iTrade Mobile could be the mobile trading solution you’ve been looking for.

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