Top Battery Saving Tip for iPhone 6 on iOS 8.


The iOS 8 is out and released for the public, We have already talked about the performance issue, if you upgrade your iPhone 4S to this latest Apple firmware. But now we have seen some more issues regarding the iOS 8 update. The Battery drainage issue has been seen on most older Apple devices like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Meanwhile there are some Heat up device issues found particularly on the iPhone 5.

Beside all this we will like to let you know that Apple has added some new features for you to save your battery from draining by minimizing its use while the device is on stand by mode. These new feature are not as effective as the ones introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S5 but still they are quite effective to reduce the ratio of battery usage in the device.

All you have to do is follow some instructions that are given below to save Battery for iPhone 6 on iOS 8, or you can do it for any iPhone, iPad model that has the iOS 8 installed on it. So that you can use your device for a longer period of time without putting it on charging. This special iOS 8 feature will minimize the background apps usage which led to battery drainage.

How to Save Battery on iOS 8:

All you need to do is follow these steps given below to change the settings of your phone.

1- Go to Settings >General > Usage > Battery UsageiOS8_Battery_Saving (2)

2- Here you can check the apps that are eating up your battery. It might look like the ones as shown in the images.

3-  So after finding the apps that make your phone drain faster you can disable them from background activity.

4- Go to Settings again > General > Background App Refresh.

5- Make sure to toggle it to OFF, or if you think you might need some apps working in background , Toggle them ON and all others unnecessary apps that are eating up your battery in the background activity, toggle them to OFF.

iOS8_Battery_Saving (1)

This way you can get better battery timing on iOS 8, and the issue will be solved as well. You can also use other methods like hard and Soft resetting of your device but make sure to backup your data before doing anything like that.  Beside that you can check for better external battery covers for your device as well.

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