Transfer iTunes Library to a new computer – How To


A person that owns Apple devices may have pretty much large iTunes library consisting of pictures, videos, music, seasons, movies, audio books and many more. It may seem complicated to transfer it to new computer. It just like starting from scratch and requires a lot of time to transfer it.

There are number of techniques that will guide you how to shift your iTunes library to new computer without losing any data. If you are ready to begin you’re shifting of data then give a look to basic guides given below. This guide can be helpful for both Mac and PC’s running Windows operating system.

Transferring an iTunes library to a new computer

Step 1: In your old computer just create a new finder window and scroll down to music folder which is under your username

Step 2: After selecting you can find a folder named iTunes. Click on the right and select copy from the drop down menu.

Step 3: In a new Finder window open your external hard drive or USB stick that may offers enough storage capacity to store your ITunes library. Paste data in external drive or USB.

Step 4: Pasting is effective and comprehensive. It will take some time depending upon your size of iTunes library and speed of external hard drive.

On Your New Computer

Step 1:  Once the data is transferred now safely unplug the device from old computer and plug in to your new computer.


Step 2: Double click to check and see what is inside.

Step 3: Launch new finder window and search for music folder in your new computer. If you have already music folder existing in new computer which you don’t want to lose then copy it and place it somewhere else. Such as on your desktop.

Step 4: Copy the iTunes folder inside the music folder on new computer from the external device or USB stick. Copying time depends on the size of your library. The iTunes will automatically reload all songs info, ratings, playlist and other settings

Note: Make sure to authorize your transferred songs to play on new computer. Follow these steps for authorization

Step 1: Open the store.

Step 2: Go to authorize option.

Step 3: Click on “authorize this computer in iTunes”.

Step 4: Type your username and enter password to confirm it.

That’s it you are done!

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