Twitter blames iOS 8 of the loss of 4 million users


The announcement of the positive economic results of Twitter in the last quarter has been accompanied as negative note of a slowdown in the growth of the number of active users.288 million users who fall short of 4 million compared to the initial estimates and on which Dick Costello, CEO of the company, has not hesitated to blame a bug in iOS 8 .

Specifically, the company ensures that during the transition from 7 to iOS iOS lost more than 8 million users who used Twitter in Safari and did not remember their passwords when the browser Apple again ask for your password. Another change in Safari Sharing tab, the function to get shared by users who follow on Twitter bonds, apparently has cost three million.


It must be said, not for Twitter precisely that if a million people decide that it’s not worth the effort to recover your passwords, just say that service. But even more, digging a little the last three million we find that were never active users at first.

Safari used to automatically access Twitter to extract the shared links while from August iOS only does when you click on this tab specifically the Bookmarks menu. We do not know whether in this case we can speak really bug (it is true that we now have to wait a moment for the list of links to load) or if it really is a behavior sought to reduce the data load in the background on a section not many use.

In any case, remember that we always talk about active and inactive users, not creating or deleting accounts. I have no doubt that both Apple and Twitter are mulling over how to encourage further downloading the official app or facilitating aspects such as password recovery, but in any case not without significance that such seemingly insignificant details thereby affecting to a service like Twitter.

Via |  Recode

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