Twitter is going to update the ‘Direct Message’ feature with standalone messaging app

Twitter update

Although you may know that the basic theme of the twitter is the “Join the conversation in the global town square!”. But now Twitter plans to update the direct message feature (individual messaging feature) in coming days. The company also decided to bring standalone application for DM feature.

Now with innovation DM service, you will also be able to receive the Direct Message from any account whether that account follow you or not. Twitter is making a mobile app in future which will gave a easy access for Direct Message feature.The company will release a standalone app for messages as define by All Things D that there anonymous sources says, “the overhaul of messages is coming soon”. The plan of DM is already implemented on twitter for test the settings fixed for users to send and receive DM from others without mutual following. It mean a person following other person or not, and want to say something then he can benefited from the DM feature even other person didn’t follow him.

There was also a time when twitter discussed the matter to end the DM feature and they also implemented their confuse decision on mobile app and remove the DM feature almost completely. Twitter decided back may be due to the competition with other social networking and messaging apps which gained there popularity in previous days like Whats app, Line Yahoo and Live. So it was a hard time for twitter to push there previous decision to stopping the DM system for all users especially for a mobile app.

Source: AllThingsD & TheVerge

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