UARMprotection Overview: Are You Getting Your Money’s Wort.

There is a balancing act every time you are looking for armor and gear. You want to pick the best thing, to ensure that you and the crew will come back home from a mission. But, there is always the question of value and budgeting and with this UARMprotection overview, we will try to figure out if you are getting the bang for your buck.

By simply observing their website, we can see that UARMprotection focuses on 3 things:

  • Ballistic armor
  • Carriers and auxiliary armor
  • Holsters, pouches, and tactical equipment

And, all three need to be valued differently. Because they are a supplier that offers everything a security company, police force, or even an army regiment would need when it comes to attire, they also need to be valued as a whole.

In the end, you don’t want to have the best plate armor money can buy just for something on the vest to fail. And because of this, the plate carrier you order needs to be just as good as the plate itself.

UARM Protections

General Gear Overview

In general, the gear is solid. There aren’t many bells and whistles on it and most people will recognize it as the best version of regular USAF gear, with maybe a few additions where it seems reasonable.

On average, the plates are marginally heavier than what can be found elsewhere on the market but are usually thinner. Additionally, it should be noted that UARMprotection plates are roughly an inch longer than the standard, which is excellent for any taller operators that are usually struggling with that.

There is also a vast collection of soft armor which is collectively named the FAS Full Armor System for military selection. There is also covert armor and armored clothing, which is one of the best options for civilians even though it is so rare to find it as a whole and from one manufacturer.

As for the carriers and attachments, the selection is wider than usual as apparently older models are still being sold. Still, new ones like the LPC Light Plate Carrier are quite modern and seem like something you wish you had when you served.

Best of UARMprotection

The Full Armor System can be considered one of the best things from UARM, but it is true that it is highly situational. For law enforcement and close-quarter combat, as well as anywhere where the risk of explosives is bigger than the risk of rifles, this is a godsend.

But, if you are on the open battlefield you usually don’t want to have the additional pounds on you and might opt to drop most if not all of the modules.

This is why the best this company has to offer is its covert armor selection. Items like the CAT Covert Armored T-shirt are a good pick regardless if you are a police officer on patrol, a shopkeeper in a doggy area, or simply live in a neighborhood where protection is a must.

There is also a sleeveless model, similar to this one, as well as warmer clothes like the hoodie and the jacket that are a bit more situational but offer a bigger protection area.

Downsides of Ordering from UARM

While all of the gear from UARMprotection resembles US Army issues, it is actually manufactured in Ukraine. This is by no means bad, and it means that the designs see some IRL testing probably, but it does make issues with shipping time.

Items are frequently out of stock and need to be ordered in advance. Their customer support does answer quickly to where and when that will be, but if you want to have their goods be prepared to wait at least a week longer than you are used to.

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