How to Un PreOrder an App on iPhone or Cancel Pre-order app on iTunes Apple Store.

Today we are here with the detailed guide to let you know how to Un Preorder an app on iPhone. If you are the guy who has pre-ordered something on Apple’s iTunes store. But now since you have watched all the reviews and features of that particular app and decided to Cancel pre-order app on your iPhone. Then you are at the right place.

How PreOrdering works on iPhone:

Just like all other App stores likes of Android, Windows and other app markets. The users can Pre-order any app or game on the iTunes store same as other stores. There are many app developers who try to post the beta version of the App or game on the Apple store. Before posting the final version.

So to un pre0rder that beta game or app you need to follow some certain steps. Now some pre-orders are the paid ones while some are for free, the paid pre-orders are the ones which most of the people want to cancel the preorder on iTunes.

Benefits of Cancelling any preordered app on iTunes:

There are many benefits of unpreorder an app from Apple’s iTunes store on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If the app or the game is the paid one. You can save your money or easily get it back, by unordering it following these simple steps in the guide given below.

un preorder an appon iphone 2019

How to UnPreorder an App on the iPhone:

To cancel any pre-order or Unpreorder any app or game on iPhone you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. On the top click on your Name > iTunes and App Store.
  3. Now Tap on your Apple ID. You can Sign in if you are asked to.
  4. Go to Pre-Order screen and a new screen will open up.
  5. Here you can see all the apps you have pre-ordered.
  6. If you want to cancel Pre-Order app then tap on it and select Cancel in the menu.

That’s it. You can now easily un preorder app on iPhone or Cancel preorder app on Apple iTunes.

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