US Cellular Galaxy S4 pre-Orders will start on April the 16.

Just 2 days ago AT&T made the announcement for taking the Galaxy S4 pre-orders starting from April 16. Now U.S Cellular also posted the most anticipated phone on top of  upcoming device list. However the price is still not disclosed. The Official Website of U.S Cellular posted the details stating the customers that the carrier will start taking pre-orders from 04/16.

The other main carriers like Sprint and Verizon still didn’t unveiled any news about the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4 device on these carriers. However Samsung has officially stated that the device will be available on 327 carriers in 155 countries world wide including all U.S carriers that has already shipped Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

US cellular galaxy S4

The U.S Cellular started registering users for a request of a pre-orders even before the official pr-orders started. That shows the eagerness of customers to have their hands on this crafty device. Samung has been working really hard and has invested millions of Dollars in an advertising campaign all over U.S. This made a huge buzz for their latest Galaxy S smartphone and the company is looking at a record numbers of pre-Orders. Samsung already stated that it set a target of 40 million sales in first 3 months which is twice as much as Galaxy S III sold in first 3 months.

US Cellular

Anyways If you want you want to order a “Pre-Order”, I mean you are that desprate than you just click here right now and register for your interest. The carrier will keep you update with all the information you need about the Galaxy S4, and surely it will remind you when they will start taking  pre-Orders.


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