Use Verizon Moto E 2015 on Any GSM Network – How to


Motorola has crafted the real innovation in Smartphone and introduce a best budgeted phone. Moto success in market forced them to introduce the second generation Motorola Moto E 2015 which is an updated version of the old one. This new set is packed with solid design, new features and allows 4G connectivity. It comes up with latest Android software Lollipop and promised to support software updates.

The latest Moto 2015 is similar to original Moto E the 4.5 inches display screen with 540 x 960 pixels, Qualcomm snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage and micro SD slot expandable to 32 GB, 5MP rear camera and 2390 mAH battery. The Moto E back cover is of plastic, rounded body and with the volumes keys on the side.

Latest Moto E 2015 comes with unlocked bootloader by default and it also allows customization. The features of devices can also be improved by completing some Android procedures. In order to do this first you need to unlock your sim of Moto E 2015. Unlocking will allow you to use any GSM and LTE sim on your Moto E without facing any issues.

Follow the given guidelines in order to understand the complete procedures.

How to Use Verizon Moto E 2015 on Any GSM Network:

1) First step is to insert any sim card of your choice in the sim card slot and then turn on the device.

2) Now follow the initial device setup and turn on internet connection and login to your Google account.

3) Tap on the Google play store and download the Philipp Mangelow network app on your device.


4) Once the downloading completes run this app on your device, launch the app and change the radio mode from “CDMA/LTE PRL” to “GSM/LTE Auto.”

5) To choose the preferred network mode to 4GLTE, Open the system settings and click on the mobile networks options and choose it.

6) Once done, now edit the APNs with appropriate APN settings from your particular carrier.

After completing all this you are free to enjoy your sim free version Moto E on any network of your wish.

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