How To Use WhatsApp WebClient on Android Tablets


WhatsApp launched a feature more demands by users, the web version of the messaging client to use the service from the computer through the Chrome browser , but rebound thanks to WhastApp Web can also be used WhatsApp in some Android tablets.

As WhatsApp Web requires Chrome to run also may use this version for some Android thanks to Chrome for Android , but not all devices, as WhatsApp Web is only accessible computers, which in some Android devices will not show While the web, cutting the QR code .

How To Use WhatsApp WebClients on Android Tablets:


Step#1: Open Chrome on your browser.

Step#2: Copy this url and paste in your chrome

Step#3: Now open Whatsapp on your Android tablet.

Step#4: Tap on settings icon located on right side of your screen.

Step#5: Select WhatsApp Web.

Step#6: Scan the QR code form your Android tablet.

Step#7: After reading the QR code you can use WhatsApp from your tablet .

If you face any issue regarding this guide do tell me in comments i would love to help you. You can use WhatsApp web client through your mobile device using same method.

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