Virtual Turntable Apps That Make You A DJ.

Music is one of the biggest benefactors of technology’s innovations. Back in the day, older generations would grab their favorite vinyl and spin it on their record player. Records were playing on hefty equipment that needed extra care. For example, the needles of turntables are very fragile and needed replacement from time to time. You had to invest in quality materials to enjoy your tunes. To make the most of vinyl players now, get a durable unit with an excellent needle like the Jico stylus


Nowadays, access to music is more convenient and portable. Not only has the listening experience upgraded, but now music production is at the touch of our fingertips. Music editing software is easily downloadable, and there is no more need for heavy equipment.


For you to be a modern-day DJ, you need some quality programs. Here’s a list of virtual turntable apps that will help you create great songs and mixes.

Virtual Turntable Apps

Edjing Mix

Mixing can be overwhelming with the number of possibilities available. Edjing mix is a beginner-friendly app with a user-friendly interface. It even contains a DJ school feature that assists you as you create new music. 

The app has numerous samples and sound effects that contribute to a livelier DJ experience. The free version is equipped with features that are sufficient to make some good party music. On the other hand, the premium subscription allows users to record and share all their mixes. It also gives you access to advanced components for more professional outputs.  


DJay is another user-friendly turntable app with all the mixing features you need. It’s close to club standards and also offers the scratch function for that DJ experience. One of the goods about this program is that it is compatible with legitimate music equipment to bring your digital expertise to the stage. 


To add to its credibility, DJay app developers Algoriddim are a team that is well-versed in DJ programs and have been creating them for quite some time now. This software is perfect for intermediate to pro users but can easily accommodate beginners as well.

Cross DJ

Being one of the pioneers of DJ apps, Cross DJ is closer to the traditional mixing setup. It is effective in the thought that there is no delay in changes. Its interface adapts to screen size and has multiple equalizers and two turntables. 


It also comes with external mixer supports and complete levels of pitch bending. Cross DJ is one of the noteworthy turntable apps on iOS and android and is a fan favorite among digital DJs.

DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 is an intelligible and customizable mixing app. Most suitable for DJs who want the whole experience immediately. The free version already offers pro features such as varied sound effects and multiple sample pads. Users have the option to acquire in-app purchases available to enhance the mix. 


This app is also compatible with hardware controllers to extend your experience into the physical realm. Overall, DJ studio 5 is a flexible mixing app that has free access to professional-level features.

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