Warehouses and distributors are preparing for a new MacBook Air


AppleInsider has learned something recently that some of you will give hope: it seems that Apple has given orders to all its official distributors to make a hole in the stores , dedicated to a new MacBook Air which may occur before the end of March and possibly even at the end of this month.

At the same time, the company has stopped sending stocks of the current model of the MacBook Air to all who have asked and opened the door to reductions in the stock remains.The goal is to clean the remainder of the current range (both the 11 and the 13-inch) as soon as possible in order to launch the new model without too many hiccups.


What is not said is how it can be that new MacBook Air, so I have to watch the latest rumors: perhaps we are already talking about this new laptop with a single port USB Type C and 12-inch screen? Or rather we have a simple update of the internal specifications to put the power of the Air day?

Whatever it is, if launched in late February we will have just during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It may be a good time to launch laptops, after all. The sales have started in some US dealers , but have not seen anything like it in the Resellers Spaniards. If you realize something, do not hesitate to report it.

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