Ways to Play Nintendo 64 Games on your Mac Computer

Nintendo had released its Nintendo64 (N64) in 1996. Almost 33 million units were sold across the globe till April 2002 and then its production was discontinued. This console reached millions of homed during its 6 years’ lifespan and entertained millions of gamers across the globe.

Although Nintendo does not produce this video game console anymore, people still love it. Millenials loved the performance of this console and games came with it. That’s why people still wish to try those games again.

Mac computers can run video games and many people use this computer to play a variety of games. Sadly, the macOS does not support N64 games. Therefore, you will have to try a different way of playing N64 games on your Mac Computer.

How to play N64 games on your Mac PC?

As you already know, it is not possible to run Nintendo 64 games on Mac PCs. Even if you get free N64 ROMs, it won’t work on your computer. So, follow the below explained method to play all the popular Nintendo 64 games on your PC.

Ways To Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Mac Computer

Download an N64 emulator:

An N64 emulator is a program designed to emulate the hardware of N64 video game console. It essentially turns your Mac PC into a Nintendo console for a while. That’s how it runs all the N64 games smoothly on Mac PC and other computers. You can easily download a reliable emulator program from the internet.

The N64 games became popular again due to people’s grown interest in old-school games. Sadly, the internet got littered with numerous programs that claim to offer exceptional gaming experience on Mac PCs. Most of these programs do not work. They come bundled with many harmful software which can reduce your web browsing experience.

Even though you find a good emulator program, it might not work on macOS computers. Therefore, you should be extra careful when choosing an emulator tool to play Nintendo64 games on your Mac PCs.

Select a program designed specifically for Mac commuters. It will be much easier to get free N64 ROMs once you got a reliable emulator program.

Download your favorite Nintendo 64 game ROMs:

Emulator programs do not contain any game. They are designed only to create a suitable environment for running N64 games. Therefore, you will have to download N64 games separately.

You need N64 ROM files. These ROM files are games, which an emulator program runs to run the intended games. You can easily get free N64 ROMs online. Just like emulators, many ROM file providers also send harmful data bundled with the main file. Do not pick an unreliable platform to download ROMs. Choose only a reliable platform to download Nintendo 64 ROMs.

You will get many websites in the search result as you search for N64 ROMs. It will take some time to assess those platforms and their user base. You can save your time and download N64 ROMs right now.

Add ROM files to emulator library:

It is the last important step before you play Nintendo 64 games on your Mac PC. You get free N64 ROMs as zipped files. You can use the default archive utility program to unzip the files and access the ROMs. These files may be .nes or .gbc files. It will be a .ISO file if you have downloaded a big game. Now, click on that particular game file and drag it to your emulator’s library. The emulator program will now add that file to the library and you can run it on your PC.

Enjoy the game:

Open the emulator, select the game, and play it. That’s quite simple and a straightforward method of playing all the popular Nintendo 64 games on Mac PCs. Nintendo had launched numerous games for its N64 consoles. Free N64 ROMs are available for all those games. So, check the ROM collection now and pick all your favorite games to play on your PC.

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