Web version of Google Babble, First images leaked.

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This week things have started changing for the online instant messenger services, As Microsoft Messenger is already disappeared or in other words it has been updated to Skype, and Microsoft urging all it’s users to upgrade to the new Windows Live integrated Skype. The latest Skype version is also updated on the main Skype website.

On the other hand Google is also looking forward to buy WhatsApp. The rumors are turning to be true as inside sources from both companies have confirmed the transaction details, however it’s still not Officially announced by Google or WhatsApp authorities. If we connect these dots the probability of the New Google Babel service gets more vibrant. Buying WhatsApp will directly affect the progress of Google Babel service, As google couldn’t achieve a rank in messaging services as his rivals Yahoo and Microsoft had.

Moreover we start finding some leaked images of the first version of Google Babble which were officially published on Techradar. These images are of the web version of the Google Babel which replaces the Google Talk. The website claims that the photographs have been uploaded by an anonymous source who claimed that he works for Google and has access to it’s new unified messaging service.


google babel, babel google, babel messenger, Google babel messenger


It’s been quite difficult to verify the source, however the leaked images apparently fits with latest user interface adopted by Google web services and the emoticons design used here can also be found on Google +, except some new additions.

google babel, babel google, babel messenger, Google babel messenger

In the images we see a chat window, which would be an improved version of Google Talk, a new design, with a variety of emoticons organized in a new  WhatsApp type style categories  to add new looks to messages. The option to attach a photo is quite visible and the option to start a Google hangout is quite visible on the top bar.Even adding people to the conversation button is also visible and everything about those design leads us to Google trademark design and messenger features. 


Google Babel will unify all the Google messaging services  in one place that includes the services of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangouts and Google Voice, and its is expected to be presented with the support  for  Android and iOS platforms. The most expected release date would be May 15-17 at the Google I/O 2013 event.


Source: | Android Police |

Images: | Techradar |

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