What advantages gained by business and individual through gold number?


The team gold number is referred to the mobile number which is easy to memorize. There are varieties of combinations available which can easily be included in these terms such as 222, 333 or other number sequences like 123456 or number that can be in increasing order like 10 20 30. Phone numbers that ends with last six digits such as 888888 will represent the high end of prestigious numbers. The inclusion of such prefix in the sequence can definitely make it highly exclusive.

Gold mobile number is available in wide range of networks in UK that includes Vodafone, Virgin, O2 etc. It can either be used as pay As you Go or can also be put on monthly contracts account. When you are adopting the gold number, you are not only getting the opportunity to enjoy a memorable number, but also it acts as an ice breaker. It is possible to impress everyone once they hear your mobile number. With the unique number, the owner as well as mobile number gets stuck into the mind.

There are different advantages that can be gained by businesses:

Quite convenient for customers to remember and can also drive more sales. For example, any customers who are looking for a late night taxi can easily remember numbers like 22 22 22 and can contact your company.
There is the possibility of using alphanumeric words with phone number that also spells your business name, market sector etc.
An easy way to create an impact with clients and will also ensures to remember easily.
It creates a good point of sale for marketing and helps to make business cards attractive.


With the memorable number it is possible to create a huge impact in life and business. No matter whether you are a celebrity or love to give importance to yourself, you can easily possess a unique number which can surely make a good impression in front of other people. The demand for gold numbers is increasing day by day and there is the huge opportunity of getting this number at a reasonable price. Buying the number can be an attractive idea and it can also be highly lucrative.

Advantages gained by individual through gold mobile number:

_ * Create an impact among friends through easy to remember number
_  Buy a number that can turn out to be a great gift for loved ones
_  Possibility to customize mobile number with digits that are relevant to your life
_ * Make use of alphanumeric words within the phone number that speaks of your name, feeling and place

Gold number is widely being used in mobile industry and there are different terms used that acts as a reference to personalized mobile numbers. There is a huge possibility of matching up the landline number with your mobile number so that you never forget your family landline. One of the unique services offered by memorable mobile number service provider is customization of last 6 digits. There is millions of combination available per prefix that ensures you to get best number.

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