What Are Gaming Routers & Are They Worth Buying?

With the advent of online games, we have seen the emergence of many new gadgets, software, and hardware. It has become a very popular and lucrative industry. Previously facilities for an exceptional gaming experience were available only at the gaming centers.

But now gamers can have fun at their homes thanks to the development of gadgets at affordable prices. There is not one but many gadgets available exclusively for gamers. A gaming laptop, gaming mouse, headsets, monitors, sound cards, gaming motherboard, and the list is endless. The gamers are able to enjoy world-class gaming from the comfort of their homes.

Gaming Routers

A Gaming Router

One another development by the gaming companies is the gaming routers. We have seen a router commonly used in most households that have an internet connection. What then is a gaming router? These are sophisticated and upgraded versions as compared to their traditional counterparts.

Gaming routers are especially beneficial if your house has many users of the internet. In a heavy-traffic household when you are playing at peak and someone else is downloading a big file and someone else streams a huge video file, a traditional router cannot manage the traffic. Only a gaming router has the power to do it.

Features that You Should Look for in a Gaming Router

  • The number of gigabit ethernet ports your router has is an important feature to look for. A more number of ports means an ultra-speed connection. The number of devices that you already have at home and the devices you propose to add in the future determine the speed with which your router operates. So the decision on the router is based on your usage also.
  • High-end routers allow transmission through three channels at the same time. This means that they support a tri-band wireless network. Find out if your gaming router supports such a wireless network.
  • You also have to check if the gaming routers come with the latest wireless standards. Currently, wireless internet uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The games operate on the latest technologies which need the latest standards in wireless technologies too.
  • The gaming router should be powerful, faster and feature more powerful CPUs and more RAM. This will help the router handle more connections without compromising on speed.

The Benefits of a Gaming Router

  • Higher speed: When a gaming router is used, there will be minimum disruptions while gaming due to many users using it simultaneously. They can handle more data and that too quickly. Even when you are using a shared connection, you can have the best audio and visual clarity. The hard-wired Ethernet port connections can handle better speeds. These gaming routers have advanced software features. They also have boosted ranges.
  • Prioritize internet traffic: Gaming routers have the quality of service features and it helps users to manage the connection. The hardware can help reduce disruptions. A distinct amount of stability is needed in bandwidth to handle high-performing tasks. This will help avoid errors. When multiple users in your household create a jam in the connections, the point of choking can be identified. Traffic prioritization allows monitoring of how the router manages the traffic. Depending upon the usage you can connect different devices to different bandwidths. Video streaming and gaming need more bandwidth whereas tasks like mailing, document creation need less. The routers come with smart technology to shift bands as per needs.
  • Data loss is reduced: Since the routers are able to sort the traffic in the network they can help in smooth flow by using the fastest ways. So this helps in reducing the data loss to the maximum possible. Slower, traditional routers are energy-intensive and can expose your data leading to data loss.
  • Support multiple users: The gaming routers come with the greatest advantage of multi-user support. Increased performance support is possible in all devices. Without any worries about reduced speeds, you can use the network for gaming browsing, etc simultaneously.
  • Better graphics and audio: With a gaming router, the problems in audio and video can be reduced. These routers provide the best performance in terms of audio clarity. Gaming needs high-quality streaming both in terms of audio and visuals. Gaming routers make this happen. For more advanced online games, routers with better hardware are available.
  • Wi-fi range is better: A lot of gaming routers improve the accessibility feature throughout the house. This improvement in wi-fi range helps gamers in their gaming experience. It also is useful to others using the internet in your house. If your house is a big one then normal routers cannot give you the required coverage. According to RouterCtrl, the range of the wi-fi will be limited to a certain area of your house. There are few routers that can cover an area of 5000 sq ft also. Depending on your need, you can choose the type of your router.
  • Better security: The gaming routers come with in-built security features. Integrated anti-virus software is available in the routers. They protect you from malware and other types of interruptions while these are not possible in a normal router. They also block access to dangerous sites thus keeping your system secure. The coverage provided by the routers can be extended and also modified. This helps in staying secure at all times.
  • Overall performance is increased for gamers: With the right gaming router, the gamers can play seamlessly. They can be assured of better performance. Even when more people use the network, there is no issue with performance.
  • Parental controls are available: Many gaming routers come with internal parental controls. So the trouble of managing the device is reduced. An in-built software is available that helps in parental control.

You can prioritize the gaming router traffic to get the best performance. There are various ways through which you can prioritize. It can be by service, by the network, by IP address, by MAC address, or through a combination of these also.

Is Buying a Gaming Router Worth the Money?

You can find that there are many varieties and brands of gaming routers available in the market. This will prompt one to go for it if he is a gaming enthusiast. To consider whether you need a gaming router or not will depend on your circumstances.

From the above-mentioned benefits of using a gaming router, you can easily say that it is a must and is worth buying. These routers come with a lot of useful features.

Some people are of the opinion that gaming routers are only a marketing tactic and serve no better purpose than a regular router. As seen previously this depends on your situation.

If there is more traffic in your home you will definitely feel the need for a better router. When you are playing and someone finds a lag in their office meeting, they will be annoyed. The need for a better router arises then.

Gaming Routers wires

A gaming router as compared to a regular router is not very expensive also. When the features it offers are to be included then it gives far better performance than the regular one at not much of a difference in cost. They have extra Ethernet ports, more and better antennas for increased coverage, and extra radios.

It is also to be noted that these features are not exclusive to gaming routers. Some high-end routers have these features and are not called gaming routers.

When you want to buy a router and are unable to decide upon the type of router you want then you should approach an expert who can help you in this regard. You can alternatively choose to research on your own to find out if a gaming router is one that you can not do without. After ascertaining this you can proceed with your purchase.

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