What crypto to invest in with a Small Budget?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is very popular amount speculative investors and those who are interested in the growth of the digital technology market. Until recently, cryptocurrencies weren’t even considered financial assets but today the changes in this market rock the financial industry.

There’s no reason to wonder why average investors got curious about virtual coins as well. Without taking a closer look at this industry, they can specify some mainstream investment products such as Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin isn’t the only option in the market. Besides, this is the most expensive option. What should traders with smaller budgets do?

Actually, there are plenty of unique projects that have already gained big names but have their coins traded at low prices. Here, we are going to explore the 5 best cryptocurrencies to invest in with a small budget.

Crypto to Invest

Ways to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2022

Average investors prefer buying some coins and holding them until their prices grow and bring returns. However, you should be aware that there are different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. Except for gaining some coins to hold, some options can offer other benefits. Here are these ways:

  • Buy directly. Crypto projects offer the possibility to buy their coins directly through their platforms. You can either buy well-established coins or invest in new projects that have just started their initial coin offering (ICO) campaigns. 
  • Invest in crypto-related companies. Some startups aren’t focused on cryptocurrencies, but nevertheless, they provide exposure to this market. You might consider mining companies, manufacturers of hardware for mining, payment companies such as PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL), and so on. The selection of available options is quite wide.
  • Buy crypto through exchanges or brokerage companies. This is the most common way to invest in cryptos among average investors. You register a trading account on a specialized platform, get access to the market, you buy some available coins for your fiat money. Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken are some of the most popular crypto exchanges that offer the biggest selection of reliable cryptocurrencies.
  • Put your money into crypto-focused funds. The diversity in this market is massive. That’s why, often, choosing a single coin to invest in might be a really complicated task. If you face this issue, the solution is the same as in the stock market – invest in crypto-focused funds that contain a range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Start cryptocurrency mining and validating. The most direct way to deal with crypto coins is to start mining them or become a validator in the cryptocurrency network. In both cases, you will be rewarded with virtual coins you can hold in your wallet and then sell when the prices are higher and can bring satisfying returns.

Invest in coins with a small budget

Now, that you are aware of the ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, we can explore 5 cheap coins that are projected to bring good returns in the upcoming future.

1. XRP (XRP)

XRP runs on an open-source distributed XRP ledger. This token was created by the team of the Ripple blockchain. The aim of this project is to make global transactions faster, easier, and cheaper. XRP is also oriented on security measures. Even though XRP faced several lawsuits, experts still believe that it has the capabilities to change the traditional global payment infrastructure. That’s why XRP, traded at $0.46, is considered a good low-cost crypto investment.

2. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is one of the mainstream coins. It was promoted by many celebrities because of its unique concept of a meme cryptocurrency. DOGE also has a strong community that always tries to provoke discussions of the project in the media and raise the price of the coin. Actually, their efforts are quite successful. Even though DOGE cannot be considered a real financial asset, it somehow manages to stay at the top of all cryptocurrencies. If you decide to invest in Dogecoin now, you will need to pay $0.139 per coin. Consider that this investment is extremely speculative – just a week before it was traded at an almost twice lower price.

3. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This coin is utilized to power the Chainling decentralized oracle network that connects payment systems and APIs to external data sources. Over the course of the passing year, Chainlink lost over 71% of its value. As of the date of writing, LINK is available for $7.77 per token. This is quite a good entry point, especially if you consider that the crypto market is about to start its bullish rally. 

4. Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is one of the most popular and reliable decentralized exchanges. With it, users can trade decentralized tokens with each other, sell their crypto holdings, and create liquidity pools. Currently, the total trading volume on this platform exceeds $1 billion. Market specialists consider Uniswap a very promising project that’s why its native token traded under the UNI ticker symbol isn’t a bad option for investors with small budgets. You can buy it just for $7.12. 

5. Cardano (ADA)

In September 2021, Cardano (ADA) reached its all-time high of $3.10. However, after the market crash, you can buy it a less than $1 – $0.39. This is quite an alluring option if you consider that the Cardano network is believed to be the most promising “Ethereum-killer”. This is because the Cardano project is constantly developing. It recently launched ADACash and is going to start its NFT marketplace and its DeFi exchange. Besides, the Cardano network is popular with developers. They have already built over 1,000 projects here. The upcoming innovations are expected to raise the demand for the ADA cryptocurrency and trigger its price growth. So, today might be the best time to invest in Cardano.

The final recommendation

In the end, we would like to warn you that the crypto market is extremely volatile. If you have a small investment budget, we recommend allocating it to other financial products as well. Diversify your portfolio and don’t invest in cryptos more than you are ready to lose forever – these two simple tips will help you minimize your losses. Good luck!

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