What is Jusched.exe file? How to remove it from Windows 7?


Have you ran JAVA on your system and it displayed an error named jusched.exe? So here I’m going to tell you the base of jusched.exe and you will also get the tutorial to remove it from your windows 7.

As you know the JAVA software is always needed in running of some computer programs like you have needed it to see the complete content of the website or the software installed on your computer. So first I will tell you what the program is actually then give you a brief detail on which you will be able to know whether it is only an error or a virus or any other else and then later in the bottom of the article you will know the procedure too to remove this program.

What is jusched.exe? (error or process):

The jusched.exe is actually attached with JAVA process which has been installed in your PC with JAVA run time program. And this process is titled to update the JAVA update procedure automatically. You know that every software need to be updated for bug fixes along with security fixes and updating of software is always needed for your further improvement in program.

Now you have already understood the actual thing involved in jusched.exe file after reading the above paragraph.

Jushed.exe process

But you should know that as it is always there in JAVA so the hackers use it as platform for easy entrance to your system. You will now imagine that the hackers write in some virus or malware and target this process in Windows PC. Once such virus or malware get into this process then it become an error or you can also call it as a virus. This process after becoming a virus can affect the normal functioning, can even steal your data or can provide access to your computer remotely.

Java update warning

The Jusched.exe process after getting affected by virus or malware isn’t good for the health of your Windows PC and you definitely need to take care of it.

How to remove jusched.exe error form Windows 7:

The first thing you can do is as following;

The first thing you can do is stop JAVA from looking for updates by turning the automatic update to off. In windows 7 you’ll find JAVA icon on the system icon tray on task bar. On that icon you can right click on turn off automatic update JAVA.

The procedure given above is solution of that error but if it doesn’t work then you need to uninstall JAVA completely from your Windows and then install the latest version of it. The installation of latest version will close all previous security bugs and then the program won’t look for latest version as you have already installed it. Alternatively you can also remove JAVA from startup by accessing MSCONFIG.

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