WhatsApp for Windows 10 on the way for Edge Browser.

If you are a smartphone user and you don’t have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone then you are missing the features of one of the most popular free messaging service. What about if you have a chance to own this luxury on your Windows 10 running PC. As the Windows 10 has finally released so we have a good news for you and that is WhatsApp for Windows 10 is on the way and soon you will have the most addicted green icon ready to go in your Windows 10 start menu.

The leaked report suggests that it would not be a stand alone WhatsApp app for Windows 10 but will be the same WhatsApp for Web extension for the Windows 10 very own browser Edge. Those who don’t know more about the latest Windows browser Edge can read more about it here.

In a recent article posted on one of the best Windows blog, The Windows Central, The reporters have claimed that the Windows 10 will support the WhatsApp messenger using the Web Support same as seen in other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. There have been doubts that this WhatsApp Web support might not get official with the Microsoft’s own browsers Internet Explorer and now Edge, but we are lucky to have the pleasure of using the same service on the custom Windows 10 Browser.

This will still takes some time to come, but we have a new recipe for you which will let you have WhatsApp latest version running on Windows 10 right now. All you have to do is follow this guide given here to get your hands on the latest version of WhatsApp on Windows 10. To follow this process you will need a third party Android Emulator software installed on your PC running Windows 10. The software named BlueStack can be downloaded from the official site or read our guide regarding this.

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