Which Features are Accessible for Free in FIFA 14 Download

Download FiFa 14 on your iOS and Android

EA are going for the freemium route on their very popular football game, FIFA. On both iOS and Android they have made FiFA 14 free to play on both iOS and Android.

However to unlock premium features you have to make and in-app purchase. There are also various other in-app purchases to help aid your progress. Although you can play the game without paying a penny EA will be making their money on the title via in app purchases of coins.

Players can then use these coins to buy Ultimate Team points, locked footballers and new game modes including Manager Tournament and Kick Off. The phone version of FiFa 14 features 33 leagues over 600 licensed teams and more than 16,000 players.

The things available for free in FiFa 14 Free Download are;

  • FiFa 14 Ultimate Team for mobile

  • Games of the week
  • Online Multi Player (Only for Apple devices)

FIFA 14 free download on iOS 7 Free options


  • Penalty Shootout

FIFA 14 free download on iOS 7, Free options

While the things need to be upgrade are;

  • Tournament Mode
  • Kick off mode
  • Manager Mode


Download FiFa 14 on your iOS and Android

As expected this new version has updated graphics, refined gameplay and team/player updates. EA Sports also released the first free to play version of its other popular sports franchise, Madden NFL 25, last month.

Download FIFA 14 for iOS & Android

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