Which smartphone offers the best gaming experience?


Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to enjoy gaming wherever you may be. One of the most popular devices for gaming today would be smartphones as these are easily portable and serve a dual purpose as a communication tool. While gaming is a top application for smartphones, the phone required to play certain games may vary. As an example a phone with a large screen such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to be much better for a game such as roulette, whereas a phone with a quick processor will be much more effective to play slots on.

Perhaps one of the best smartphones for online casino gaming is the Samsung Galaxy S4. This particular phone offers users a five inch display screen, along with this, the phone provides zippy speeds with the built-in processor. This makes it perfect for playing online casino games such as roulette and slots. Gaming phones must have fast processors in order to keep games moving at an optimal pace and the graphics on the Samsung Galaxy S4 literally pop off the screen providing a realistic gaming experience. There is no need to even touch the screen of this phone when gaming, the Samsung Galaxy S4 responds to swipes and scrolling. This could be quite useful when gaming in cold weather as there will be no worries of the touchscreen failing to respond to gloved fingers.

Motorola currently has two smartphones on the market that can both work well for the purpose of gaming. One of these is the Droid Maxx and the other is the Droid Mini. Both smartphones offer high resolution graphics great for adventure games and bonus features on your favorite slot games. Another important aspect of a gaming phone is long battery life.


Again, these Motorola devices are up to snuff in this area as well with high capacity batteries that can last the majority of the day. An advantage of choosing an Android device is the availability of online casino sites that have been optimized for this operating system. With more access, gaming options are much more numerous than might be available for some less popular operating systems.

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