Why and How to Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

You love the phone you have until the next version comes out. Then you covet the new phone with its high tech and more advanced bells and whistles. Once you actually get that new phone, then the fun begins, figuring out how to use it, integrating your contacts, applications, and adapting to the learning curve as you get used to your new device.

Why should you upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S4?

The newest Galaxy smartphone features give you so many features, that you might choose to upgrade for only one of the many fabulous high tech features offered. The bonus is that the phone is highly customizable, so you can choose to use or disable the features you want. Here is a list of 20 features that will make it worth your Galaxy 4 upgrade:

  1. Bigger 5 inch Screen
  2. Hi Def super AMOLED touch screen with 16M colors
  3. Lighter phone compared to its predecessors
  4. Built in cloud storage
  5. Faster Speed and more room for widgets, and storing programs, pictures, etc.
  6. Bump technology (passing on contacts, data, or music). However, bump technology is currently only compatible with other Galaxy S4 phones.
  7. Smart Screen Technology (screen stays on as long as you are looking at it)
  8. Smart Pause (video pauses when you turn away from watching)
  9. Smart Scroll (text moves up as your eyes move down the screen)
  10. Air Gesture Technology (various commands can be detected with motion or hand gestures.)
  11. Motion Technology (phone will detect you want to make a call when you lift your phone up to your ear.)
  12. Air View Technology (select what you see when hovering over areas of the screen.)
  13. Voice Control (The phone is responsive to your voice commands. Smart commands will take actions such as photos, answer or reject phone calls, open programs, turn volume up or down, play music, etc.)
  14. Many convenient programs come preloaded so that they are ready to use when you need them. Some examples are Flipboard, Trip Advisor, a language translator and health applications to help you monitor your exercise and caloric intake.
  15. Access to Android Google Play store for downloads plus the Samsung app market as well.
  16. Convenient access to you downloads, no more searching for your programs, pictures, etc.
  17. S-Voice is Android’s answer to Apple’s SIRI technology. The phone can answer your questions and internet searches verbally.
  18. Phone Tracker Technology. You can add a program that with tell you where the last location your phone was before the battery shut down. This is handy if you misplace your phone often or if it gets lost.
  19. Remote Phone Shut Down. You can add an application on the phone that allows you to shut it down remotely from your computer. This would come in handy if you lost it or if it is stolen.
  20. The camera that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably reason in itself to choose this phone. The features and high technology available with this camera will add convenience and help you take great pictures. Here are some of the features of the Galaxy S4 camera:
  • 13 Megapixel Camera with auto flash
  • Panoramic View capabilities
  • High Speed Shutter with Repeat
  • Program to Edit Photos right on your phone (crop, rotate, erase any layer of the phone, animate objects in a photo, merge multiple action photos into one, add sound effects, the phone will show you multiple shots so that you can save the best one, filter to adjust for day or night photos, add frames, add color, add special effects)
  • Camera Voice Controls (smile, countdown, will automatically take the picture for you.)
  • Face and smile recognition technology.
  • Simultaneous HD video and image recording. (The ability to take still photos while video recording.)

Guide for Upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S4

With the new plans offered by most cell phone providers, you no longer need to wait for a long period of time in order for it to be cost effective to upgrade to a new phone. Changing phones is also made relatively simple with the help of a technician from your phone provider’s store. Before visiting the store for an upgrade, here are 4 simple rules to follow.

  1. Back up the information on your phone. This can be saved on your computer, saving to your SD card, using a phone app (many are available for free), or using cloud storage.
  2. Check with your customer service technician that the backup information is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  3. Bring your accessories and chargers with you to check for compatibility. For Galaxy and Android phones, chances are the same ones can be used.
  4. Do your homework and research the best service provider for you. Be careful that you are not being charged for internet usage and that the plan fits your lifestyle. In most cases now you can take your phone number with you when you switch providers so search for the best deal for the amount of phone usage you partake in.

Author: Matt Thames is blogger and Brand Manager for Selby HDMI Cables. He enjoys writing about the latest techie gadgets and topics.

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