Why Google want to buy WhatsApp for $1 Billion.


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We have received  Rumors coming from sources close to both companies say that Google and WhatsApp are negotiating a possible agreement by which the search giant would buy the famous instant messaging company.

The disclosed amount seems to be $1 Billion. According to analysts and media that have revealed the news this acquisition could strengthen a crucial Google messaging platform especially now that it seems that the company will soon launch a Unified messaging service with the name of Google Babel . 

It isn’t the first time for whatsapp to be in the news as last December we had rumors about the Facebook higher delegation talks about the possible acquisition of Whatsapp. Which couldn’t happened unfortunately for Facebook because Whatsapp is a well established messenger worldwide with over 500 million downloads all across the planet.  In fact, Google itself was also groping that option, as indicated in AllThingsD in December last year.


The demand for WhatsApp acquisition by the giant companies in the market shows the great success of the messenger app that has proven to be one of the most successful services in recent years with its cross platform messaging that supports all major mobile operating systems.

Although WhatsApp has not published any data on its financial results, sources close to the company say their annual revenues has been around 100 million dollars.

Google is looking for the user database which may be the key

Google’s interest in WhatsApp does not seem to be the application oriented only or the service provided itself, messaging services with GTalk to Google+ are sufficiently able to offer a valid alternative to WhatsApp, but this potential acquisition would bring to Google an interesting user base . Which will help in reaching to masses in messaging service.

While convincing millions of users to migrate to another solution is very complicated for instant messaging, for doing so one has to buy the whole service to control it  internally to get an access to the whole new level of data of all the consumers related to that application. Google has already done with YouTube, and Facebook did with Instagram. Both giants have their own alternatives in both markets, and still decided to “eliminate” competition buying those companies.


Now the same thing could happen with WhatsApp, after the service transferred in Google’s hand it could be integrated with the other services provided by Google for messaging. And since Google Babble is hot now a days Google will surely want to make some presence felt in messaging platform.

Google do have a strong user base to strengthen its online strategy , especially in the mobility field which focuses the interest lately. The theoretical appearance in Google Babel as unified messaging platform could also reinforce that Google interest for WhatsApp, allowing the company to maintain and even improve this IM service client as it did with the aforementioned case of YouTube.

Source : Digital trends

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