Why HTC One Mini Going Short in Supply?

HTC One mini casing problem

Reuters Reported that HTC is having trouble sourcing cases for one of its newest smartphones as the collection of problems affecting the company in establishing up.

The Taiwanese company is having trouble finding enough cases for HTC One Mini which was unveiled in July due to design difficulties. A further source added that consumer and telecom demands for the smartphone is not being met even though estimates by analysts state the only plan to ship around 200,000 a month.

The company could be in store for its first ever loss this quarter on top of already weakened sales, Reuters said. Analysts predict that if HTC does not manage to get their supply chain fixed, it could lead to pretty grim result in Q3. In any case HTC has been struggling for quite a while now so this does not come as a complete surprise. In fact there have been rumors that HTC could be creating a new operating system designed especially for the Chinese market which could help them gain some market share in the future, especially since the market at the moment is being dominated by Samsung and Apple.

HTC One Mini shortage problem exists but yet HTC didn’t officially confirm any supply issues related to the One Mini. It remains to be seen if the problem is major one, and if it will seriously affect the company’s financial results.

Source: Reuters


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