Why to buy a MicroSD card with the Samsung Galaxy S5 with monster ROM.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been unveiled yesterday in Barcelona in the worlds biggest mobile platform the WMC 2014. However it is not available for Sales as Samsung has announced that it will be released on April 11th all over the globe. But even before the release we want to let you know that this Galaxy S5 eats lots of ROM so you will consider to buy a MicroSD card with your device if you want to buy one when it will be available for sale.

The Galaxy S5 here in the image below is of a 16 GB variant and it shows only 7.8 GB of available out of the stock space. The rest is eaten away by the system or ROM, and if you are an Android user you must realise that 7.8 GB would not be enough for a user to get such a huge camera phone which can shot 2K videos and can take sharp images.

The detailed graphs shows that the minimum amount of space require to run the whole Galaxy S5 system is monsterious 5.28 GB which is huge as compared to other High-End Android devices. Beside this other miscellaneous files of the custom User Interface will eat up another 2.33 GB of memory and hence your 16 GB Galaxy S5 will have only 7.8 GB of internal memory available for you to store your apps, photos, music, videos and other stuff. Which is even lower than the 8.8 GB of available internal space for users of Samsung Galaxy S4. Is it enough? The answer will surely be NO.


However beside all this Samsung Galaxy S5 has another unique feature and that is the support for a 128 GB of microSD card slot. It means that now you can insert a microSD card up to 128 GB of memory. So that means you have to invest an extra $150-200 to get your desired amount of memory to get most out of your Galaxy S5. Or you would have to wait for CyanogenMod or Corbon ROM makers to introduce a custom ROM for the device so you can get rid of this heavy TouchWiz UI and stock useless apps that Samsung inject in every Galaxy device now.

Source: AndroidCentral

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