Why You Need a Basic to Pro Version of Zoom? Have a Look

There are many questions that surface about Zoom’s free and paid options. The feature sets can be different between the two, but many times it comes down to how much is Zoom, the storage space you need for your videos or recording sessions- which option will work better with these needs?

This article will answer all of your questions about what it means to have a free or paid account with Zoom. We cover the difference between these two subscription plans in detail, including how they differ from one another as well as when paying for an upgrade option is worth doing so if you want even more features and capabilities on top of those available through basic service.

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Why do you Need to Upgrade your Zoom from Basic to Pro version? 

Here are some of the most important reasons that you must know why you need to a basic to pro version of Zoom:

  • To obtain most features of Zoom

The most important reason is that with the Pro version, you obtain most of the features provided by Zoom. This means upgrading will give you more functionality and options than the Basic version.

  • To obtain most features of Google+ Hangouts

Most people might not think that upgrading to Pro would be important for using Zoom with Google+, but actually, it is quite beneficial to upgrade to Zoom Pro since with the Pro version, you can use all of the functionality and more on Google+. This means that you will have a better Zoom experience when using the Pro version to connect with Google+ Hangouts.

  • To obtain a membership account 

Some people think that the Basic version is good enough for their needs, but actually having a membership account can be helpful, especially if you are an organization or company where you need administrator rights and other useful features. In this case, you need to upgrade your account to a paid membership level in order to get the most out of it.

  • To remove ads

Finally, if you upgrade your basic version, then you can have no ads when using Zoom. This means that with the Pro version, there are no popups or prompts that could be quite annoying. This is an effective way to get rid of these ads and improve your Zoom experience.

Differences between Features of Zoom Basic and Pro Versions

In order to analyze the versions of Zoom, you must know that how much Zoom offers in both versions. So, here we have jotted down the differences of Zoom Basic and Pro versions.

  • Difference of Time Limit in Calls

The features of these phone plans are basically identical. All versions come with unlimited one-on-one calls and no time limit for a call between two people, as well as the ability to make unlimited number of telephone conversations without having any data limits on your account.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they start video conferencing is to think it can go on forever. However, there are limitations with how long Zoom will allow for a call and you should always keep them in mind prior!

The first 40 minutes without any participants added into your session time slot may seem like plenty but after adding another person things change drastically: regardless if three or thirty other folks were already connected at one point; once someone else joins their maximum total length drops down from 1hr 15minutes (4×30 min) all way down pretty quickly until reaching just 45minutes max per participant.

  • Difference of Call Routing

The first big difference is that Zoom has included a new security feature to avoid potential problems with your call being routed through different data centers. The second important enhancement you will notice on the Features page when comparing bizopps vs zound, are their features for meeting customer needs during an emergency while ensuring safety at all times – this includes things like having live chat available 24/7 as well as allowing employees remote access!

Zoom Pro users who are worried about this can route their calls through specific channels to ensure that the data centers handling them only receive North American and European traffic instead of those based in China. There will, however, be a performance hit if you turn off too many servers for your account – so make sure it’s worth sacrificing some quality.

  • Difference of Security Features

Now have a look at the difference of security features of both Basic and Pro versions.

Zoom offers many different ways to keep your meeting safe: locking the meetings so only certain participants can join; turning screen sharing options such as chat or audio-video calling off for everyone in attendance; allowing people attending an event to choose their own names during registration – all this plus more is possible with just one click.

The different recording options are what set this app apart from others. You can either record locally, or save your calls to the cloud with a paid version.

  • Difference of Social Streaming

Did you know that Zoom meetings can be live-streamed to Facebook and YouTube? With just a pro license, all it takes is enabling the streaming option in settings. You also have access to custom services for expanding the reach of viewers.

  • Difference of User Management and Admin Controls

With a paid zoom license, you can administer your communications solution with ease, admins have more control over managing their end-users and how they interact with the platform – for instance remotely provisioning licenses or removing user accounts from an account while also customizing notifications to suit individual needs. It’s never been easier to get started as an administrator of this powerful software. You can see how much is Zoom powerful with the Pro version!


There are many reasons for upgrading your zoom version, and all of them can be helpful in their own right! The most important reason would be the functionality; Zoom Pro provides you with more features than the Basic version, and it can be quite beneficial to upgrade.

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