Wi-Fi 6 Could Change The Way You Surf.

Wireless networking is the norm of the day. A wireless network utilizes Wi-Fi technology to transmit internet signals wirelessly throughout a vicinity. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, and it is a collection of wireless networking protocols, which connect wireless devices to the World Wide Web through over-the-air RF waves.

Here’s an example: Suppose you have to mount a new TV set for the first time. How do you do that? Get the equipment, arrange it carefully, set your tablet on a stand, enable the Wi-Fi setting on it, open the YouTube app, search for a video tutorial and follow the instructions. This is how Wi-Fi technology makes things ridiculously easier for you, allowing you to multitask and save up on time, energy and resources, without binding you to wires or cables.

With Wi-Fi at your back, you can move around the house, do your chores, and surf the web on your connected devices. To get the perfect wireless networking connection, make sure to check out the best offers like RCN internet deals in your area, which come equipped with high-powered Wi-Fi for ultra-fast surfing, streaming, gaming, or downloading.

Now, there are several Wi-Fi standards in the market. The latest one is Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax. It was launched in 2019 and made huge waves in the world of wireless networking. Though the technology is yet to be implemented on a large scale, it is expected to change the way you surf the web. How? Let’s find out below.

Wifi 6

What Do You Need For Wi-Fi 6?

To experience the unbelievably fast speeds delivered smoothly over Wi-Fi 6, you need altogether new gear. This includes a Wi-Fi 6 compatible access point, a Wi-Fi 6 compatible device, and a Wi-Fi 6 compatible network client. You can find several Wi-Fi 6 routers from top manufacturers like Asus, TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys in the market, as well as Wi-Fi 6 certified mobiles from Samsung and Apple. The cost for these new routers ranges somewhere between $100 and $500, depending on the models you pick. Typically, higher-end routers with extra features have a $300+ price tag. Since Wi-Fi 6 is backward compatible, so it can work quite well with your Wi-Fi 4 or 5 devices, too.

What Makes Wi-Fi 6 Different?

Wi-Fi 6 is a generation ahead of previous wireless networking standards. It addresses the need of users to connect multiple devices at the same time without facing lags or glitches. An average household these days has more smart devices, gadgets, appliances, and hardware than you can count. Such an expanded grid of automated devices requires simultaneous access to the web, which can be made possible by Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 improves the overall efficiency of your in-home network, making it more dependable and seamless than ever. It offers:

  • 4x the speed than 802.11ac, supporting a throughput as fast as 10 gigabits per second.
  • 4x the device capacity than Wi-Fi 5 due to the incorporation of MU-MIMO.
  • Parallel communication with multiple clients in one roundtrip of data, courtesy of OFDMA.
  • Reduced battery usage and extra power-saving capability through the Target Wake Time feature.
  • Optimized packet scheduling which dials down the latency rate in congested network environments.
  • Enhanced threat detection, protection against brute force attacks, and advanced WPA3 data encryption.

So on and so forth. In simple words, you can say that Wi-Fi 6 unlocks network potential and refines user experience on the web. This is important to support the integration of more and more IoT devices in our lives in the upcoming years. The four-times increased speed and strength of the network work best in correlation to the simultaneous data exchange between multiple devices in the environment. Therefore, Wi-Fi 6 improves the operation of the entire wireless landscape by a hundred degrees.

How Will Wi-Fi 6 Change The Way You Surf?

Surfing the web means scrolling through the results of a search engine or social media platform, and jumping from this web page to that within seconds. This activity requires heading online from your chosen device browser over a fast and secure internet connection. The word ‘fast’ is key, here. If your Wi-Fi is not up to the mark, which it usually isn’t because for many reasons, then you face speed lags in your web surfing, which puts a downer on your mood. Wi-Fi 6 promises to relieve you from this stress. Not only does it handle eight connected devices at a time without compromising on the speed of data signals, reduces battery consumption, and expands the range of the wireless network, but it also minimizes the chances of connection dropout. This way Wi-Fi 6 lets you surf the web without interruption or excessive loading and with adequate security against cyberattacks.

Wrapping Up

Wi-Fi 6 is the newest wireless standard with extra features that improve the efficiency of your overall connection. It boosts the performance of an aggregate network and speeds up your web surfing along with other online activities.

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