Windows 10 for mobile alleged images Appear on Web


Windows 10 in its mobile version will be another boost to the platform of Microsoft , necessary as it is costing too put a dent in the market. Currently there are a variety of brands, so you have to claim the arrival of more , also rely on the expertise of Microsoft, with some interesting new models in price .From what I want to talk today is of a leak of three images of the new version. Born from Weibo, and the “alleged” ever before, we can take a look and try to understand what’s new on them.

We see the home screen, also parts of the configuration zone. The tiles are grouped into categories , with a text that divides them, in this case, a first group to “Start”, and a second for “Office”. The fund has an image, not a flat bottom style Windows Phone 8.1.


Appearance and display – – Passing the other two images, a division marked by blue text is also presented. The system display settings seems the same as ever, lines of text on black background.

We have consulted guys WindowsPhoneApps , and comment that we see are prototypes of the system, do not believe that will change much in the final version. Next January 21 we introduced Microsoft, there possibly teach us Windows 10 for mobile.

Via | Weibo

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