Windows 10 will be the future Windows version says Microsoft.


So Here we go, There is nothing like Windows 9, As Microsoft has decided to jump a number and announced the Windows 10. This is called as the most stable and crucial version of the Windows OS. The announcement has been made official naming the next Windows version as Windows 10 with the tag line of “ most comprehensive platform ever“. This future operating system by Microsoft will be a single product family platform for all devices including all smartphones, tablets and PCs. So there will be now Windows Phone platform for smartphone or tablets and every device either its mobile or static will have the Windows 10, ” One product family, One Platform, One Store” is the tag line.

Beside the name the Windows 10 has unique looks as the start menu the same one we have been experiencing for decades. We can say that most of the Start menu functions are inherited from the previous Windows XP or Windows 7. However the new taste to the start menu adds some new folders, apps and a new search bar including the live tiles which we seen first time in Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The search bar does the same as seen in the current Windows 8.1 with the modern user interface. Tech-Preview_Start-menu-720x404

The most interesting feature that most of the Windows users were anticipating is the apps to be open in the same traditional desktop environment. The developers at Microsoft accepted the fact that the desktop must be the Home of the Windows as over 70% Windows users don’t own a touch screen display yet and love to use the Desktop User Interface with the help of a pointing device. So the developers will have to design some new apps which can be snapped inside the visible screen size and can be re-sized when needed in a traditional way that most of the users do like while using the Windows on their PCs.
The new features added in the Windows 10 include the new Multi tasking option which is even easier to access and is more powerful then any task manager used in the previous version of the Windows. This includes a small series of desktop views at the bottom of the screen whenever you initiate “Task View”. The apps with the largest previews will be shown in the middle of the screen. This feature might eat up your system resources to a certain limit and your PC RAM would be set on a test if you use this feature too often.


For the users with the Touch screen displays, there will be a different version available for them which most probably have the same user interface seen in the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. However with the launch of Windows 10, the developers at Microsoft seem to blend both their interfaces the old desktop one and the new tiled one. The Windows 10 can be regarded as a mixture of both interfaces which will be quite helpful for all Windows users. Here are some images of the Windows 10 launch event.

If you want to get your hands on an early version of Windows 10, Microsoft will be launching its Windows Insider Program tomorrow, offering a preview build for both laptops and desktops. The company plans to discuss more about consumer-facing changes during the first part of 2015 as the Windows 10 will be made available for users early next year, i.e 2015. However the Windows 10 Preview will be released in October and we will post the link for that so keep in touch and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + to remain in touch.

Here is the introductory Video of the Windows 10.

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