Windows 10 will let TV Stream from Xbox One, PC Game DVR.


Microsoft has particularized a lot of information in the May update for Xbox one, with emphasizing on how console will provide user friendly sport with windows 10, Smartphone, PCs and tablets. The monthly updates streamline and come up with great number of advancement to the Xbox one console itself, but may updates mainly fosters and provide assistance by discussing the usage between gaming machine and other Microsoft devices.

Conceivably the most exciting upcoming ability for the Xbox users is the digital TV tuner which track live TV content wirelessly to a windows 10 device. The Xbox app new features permitting the users to store the last 30 seconds of game play by pressing ‘Record that’ button .Windows 10 also provide other features such as screenshot capture and manual recording.

Moreover, windows 10 provide accessibility to an Xbox Avatar customization app available on the windows store to ease the users.In the later weeks of May, Microsoft will be publicizing news for the Xbox preview members regarding the incorporation of new wireless display app for the Xbox one and later in summers for the broad community. This will allow Miracast streaming support which will helps to transfer content straightaway to the Xbox one from compatible android phones and windows device.

May updates will also come up with new user-selectable power mode that permit the Xbox users to choose power mode of your choice when preparing a set up for console.

Some controversies came out that when voice controlled instant on mode is in operation it will make Xbox costly to run. In the latest updates energy saving mode is selected by default on Xbox whereas previously it requires users to push the Xbox button on the console.


In similar fashion, the latest beta version support users to switch console on and off through the app for windows, windows phone and android.In order to view full feature list it’s available on Major Nelson’s blog and you can preview some of them on the given YouTube video.

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