LG G3 showed up on the Worlds Largest Billboard Advertisement.


LG smartphones might not get the largest numbers in sales but the company is quite keen to post their flagship device on the largest possible billboards around the world and doing so they posted their current flagship device The LG G3 on this largest billboard ever made in the history in the City of Riyadh just outside the International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

This huge billboard is larger then the two football feilds and has been placed in curve mode along the road to the Airport. The lighting makes it really cool as the billboard shines up at night with a huge LG G3 on it. There are some reports that this is the most visited area in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and about 20 million people visit this area and the will surely watch this huge advertisement as billboard of that size can never be neglected.

This board might boost the search for LG G3 smartphone in the area but there aren’t any good signs on the sales charts of LG smartphones recently. However that’s a pretty impressive step taken by the advertisement team┬áthat meets the lofty goal of living up to the airport, which is pretty impressive in itself. This just isn’t something we’re going to see every day. Here is the day view with the LG marketing staff.