Xtorm launches a new solar-powered 3000mAh battery pack for Samsung Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has been spotted in all sorts of issues regarding the power source, The battery of around 20% of Samsung Galaxy S4 has been spotted facing the swelling issue while on charge and most of them drain 50% faster than the normal Galaxy S4 Batteries. Meanwhile Samsung has announced that they are ready to replace all such batteries and replace them with the better ones.

On the other hand there are other 3rd party smartphone battery makers in the industry who are making such batteries especially for such famous flagship smartphones. Among them is the Xtroms which made Solar Power Pack loaded with an extra 3,000mAh battery for your Galaxy S4 smartphone. This gadget becomes attractive with the extra feature of recharging your battery with it’s Solar power panels as spotted on the top of it.

The battery pack looks a bit bulky, but you’re not required to keep it connected to the phone at all times – just keep it under the sun, let it charge, then connect your phone to it when its battery is running low. Even if you were to keep it connected at all times, for all those extended usage hours, I’m not sure anyone would complain anyway.

The price of this Xtorm Solar Power Pack is €50 or with the current rates approx. US $69. Which makes it even more attractive.  The battery pack can be purchased at the official site of Xtrom.

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