You can not downgrade iOS 8.3 anymore, iOS 8.2 signing is off now.


So we are here at the dead end now, The authorities at Apple has decided to stop signing in with the devices trying to  downgrade Apple’s latest iOS 8.3 firmware to the previous iOS 8.2 Firmware and so we can say that this downgrade-unable very much now. This has happened a lot previously but this time the developers at the cupertino seems quite strict with the time period and closed the signing even faster then one could anticipate so downgrade iOS 8.3. to iOS 8.2 is not possible now.

Most of the iOS users are still hanging at the iOS 8.2 beta versions as the jailbreak lovers still looking for some concrete steps by the hackers to inject their venom in to the latest version of iOS 8.3 so that they can port to the latest operating system. But still no news about the arrival of any Jailbreak for this version of the iOS. So we advise the iPhone owners specially the ones who can’t live without a jailbreak device should remain calm with their previous version of the OS.

However the jailbreak fans have still some good news of having the Jailbreak on the verge of release for the iOS 8.4 beta version and once the update of the final version get released. This has been seen in some video proofs released by some Team Jailbreak owners that claims that they have successfully jail-broken the future iOS firmware which will be iOS 8.4.

So for the Jailbreak device owners who currently stuck with the iOS 8.3 update should have to wait for the time being since the update officially get released by the authorities at Apple. But if you want to manually check for the downgrade for your smartphone you can personally check the signing status of iOS by visiting, a website that provides real-time signing status for iOS firmware files.

Obviously this matter does not have any impact on jailbreakers. Because there is no one available tool can jailbreak iOS 8.2 – 8.3, unless there is a possibility to allow users to downgrade their device to iOS 8.1.2, which can be jailbroken using TaiG and PPJailbreak. However, there is a good news reported before that hacker @notcom is working on a new version of TinyUmbrella for downgrading iOS 8.x with saved SHSH blob. This more or less gives us a little hope to re-jailbreak our devices.

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