YouTube for Android now supports 360 degree videos


The 360 degree videos arrive for YouTube . From today we can enjoy new videos that  allow us to enjoy the scenery and the multitude of a concert, see the sky and the earth during its descent with a winged suit or interactive videos that make us see the live adventures. We enjoy every angle of these new videos.

As expected, the official application for Android YouTube now supports the 360 degree videos , so to play one of these videos see any angle by moving our mobile around us .We can also move the video angle with your finger, as well as from or Chrome.

The following playlist find a few videos of 360 degrees so we can test this new functionality from YouTube for Android . We need to open videos from our application.

Create 360 ​​degree videos on YouTube

To create 360 degree videos to YouTube need to have a compatible camcorder, as Bublcam ,360cam of Giroptic , Allie IC Real Tech , SP360 Kodak or RICOH THET . The following link will find technical information about the video format and the script (script) to be applied to the video file to insert the correct metadata.

Learn more | YouTube Creator Blog

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